Chaplain Stories: Chaplain (LTC) Bill Killough

This week I sat down with the Third Infantry Division Chaplain. That’s right, he’s my division Chaplain! It was actually his upcoming retirement that inspired the creation of this podcast. His career as a Chaplain stretches back 18 years. He has ministered in an Army that has faced┬ásome very tumultuous times. Be sure to give… More Chaplain Stories: Chaplain (LTC) Bill Killough

Adventures in The Chaplaincy: “Chaplain Stories Podcast”

About a month ago as I was driving around post I had a thought, “Sr. Chaplains are retiring and they have careers that started before 9-11.” My military career started in 2002 and it is amazing how much the Army has changed over the span of just my career. Well, imagine what some of the… More Adventures in The Chaplaincy: “Chaplain Stories Podcast”

Adventures in Fatherhood – Strong Boys (part 2)

Last June I wrote a blog post about our two strong boys. I prefer the term “strong” to stubborn or strong-willed because those terms are often used with negative connotations. It’s true that our strong boys likely require more hands on parenting and supervision than children who have personalities that predispose them to more compliant… More Adventures in Fatherhood – Strong Boys (part 2)