Team Freedom: Operation Skyline (Chapter 14)

I wrote this in high school. I now find it humorous. I offer no further commentary and, like a good exegetical scholar, will let the text speak for itself. Enjoy.



When they pulled into the station it was chaos. Everyone was yelling at everyone, they were trying to get their facts straight and to get their stories to check out. The chief met them as they walked in the door.

“I don’t have enough time to give you a good briefing, you go to the changing room, your gear is waiting. While you’re changing I’ll tell you what I know.”

They all hurried to the changing room. While they changed, the chief told them what he knew.

“Alright, this is what you are going to have to do. We have a freighter steaming into harbor at about twenty knots. Sounds normal right? Well, we picked up part of a mayday coming in from the ship. One of the crew members called in and said that they were being hijacked by a group of people. Later we got a call from the hijackers. They said if they didn’t get twenty million dollars by the time they reached Puget Sound, they were going to run this ship into the loading docks. They load grain, and timber, and various other things at this dock. Were this dock destroyed it would cost nearly thirty million to replace it, and all the equipment and storage around it. The ship is about three hours out. So our only option is to fly you in on a helicopter. I know that sounds like suicide, but this ship apparently has very loud engines so everything has good sound insualtion, that should mask the sound of your approach. We have the pilot ready to go. When you get on board you’re orders are to stop the ship no matter what. Remember this is a hostage situation. We want to protect the crew of the ship. You are authorized to use whatever force necessary to keep the ship from reaching the docks, and to rescue the hostages. Our best guesses put the number of hijackers at about fifteen at the most. Since this is a big ship they ll be spread pretty thin. One warning, ships have many metal parts. That means there is a danger of you firing your gun and the bullets bouncing around for a second or two. That could hurt you and innocent sailors. So be very careful when you fire. As you have probably already noticed since you’re gear is right here. You are being armed with guns that are heavily silenced. This is necessary because we worry that should the hijackers know you are on board, they may kill the hostages. That is all the info I have, I see that you all are ready. You can go ahead and go up to the roof of the building, the chopper is waiting. In the chopper are instructions on how to stop the ship, be sure and read them. Should you fall in the water, there is a small device in one of the pouches on your belts, it will trigger a signal that will show us your exact location. Good luck men, and be careful.”

The four of them quickly finished with the rest of their gear. They jogged down the hall towards an elevator. They rode it up to the roof where a chopper was waiting. As soon as the pilot saw them coming, he fired up the engine. They quickly boarded and slid the door shut behind them. They all put on headsets. The pilot began to speak into his microphone,

We have about a twenty‑five minute filght, the plans for the ship are in that compartment in front of you. I ll let you know when we are within five minutes of the ship.

He powered up the engines and the chopper lifted smoothly off the roof of the police station.

The four men studied the outlines of the ship carefully, they would be dropped in on the center of the ship. There they would be fairly well covered and would be able to make their way below deck with relatively little risk. They looked at blueprints and floor plans, trying to figure out where good hiding places were, and where the hostages might possibly be kept. Twenty minutes flew by and the pilot announced into his headset,

“We are about two minutes away, shut off any lights and prepare yourselves to jump, I’ll signal you with my hand when you can open the door and jump out.”

All four nodded and took off their headsets. They double checked all their weapons and body armor. By the time they had finished that the pilot gave them a signal. They slid the door open and were hit by a rush of cool air. They watched the pilot and within ten seconds the pilot motioned for them to jump. Chase looked down, they were hovering five feet off the deck. All four gave the pilot the thumbs up, and soon they were all huddled on the dark deck of the ship.

Chase whispered into the headset he was wearing,

“Dear Lord, I pray that you would protect us now, give us wisdom, and keep us safe from harm. Thank you, amen.”

All the others nodded their agreement. Chase pointed towards a door about fifty feet in front of them. He held up his fingers and counted off, three, two, one. Then he got up and sprinted to the door with his weapon ready. When he reached the door, he motioned for the others to come to him. The other three ran across the dark deck and soon the were standing underneath a deck in the shadows. Chase tried the door he found it unlocked. He motioned Jose who stood with his gun ready. Chase shoved the door open and Jose popped his head in for a quick look then he went all the way through the door. The other three followed him through and Chase whispered into the microphone,

“Alright, we have to try and keep the element of surprise. Only shoot if you have to. Lets see if we can’t take them by hand.”

They all nodded. Chase took the lead. The passageway was brightly lit. The walls were metal and painted white. They walked silently down a short hall. A corner in the hall loomed ahead of them. Chase motioned for them to stop. He listened carefully, he could hear nothing from around the corner. Carefully he stuck his head around the corner just enough to see. A guard sat in a chair ten feet away, that guard was sleeping silently. Chase pointed to Jake and motioned for him to follow. They walked slowly and quietly around the corner, leaving Jose and John and to watch their backs. When they reached the chair the guy was sitting in, Jake walked to one side of it and waited for Chase. Chase nodded. Jake brought his gun back and smashed it into the guys head. The guard crumpled in the chair. Chase quickly reached down and felt for a pulse, the guard was still alive. Jake took a pair of handcuffs from a pouch he was carrying and quickly put them on the man. Chase took out a pair and did the same to the guards legs. Jake pulled a hankerchief out of a pocket and wrapped it around the guys mouth to muffle sounds he might make. Then they picked him and carried him to a storage closet they put him in the closet and propped the chair against the door. Jake motioned to Jose and John that it was safe to join them. The four continued down the hall. They came to flight of stairs that had a sign by them that read,  Bridge.  Then it had an arrow pointing up the stairs. Chase led the way up the stairs. He had nearly reached the door at the top when the door swung open! Chase sprinted up the rest of the stairs. Just as a man came out the door, Chase smashed into him. The three who were following him burst onto the bridge.

Chase heard several shots fired. He had his hands full with this guy though. Chase was just about to deliver a punch to the man s face, when he felt himself pushed off balance. He felt himself begin to fall down the stairs. He reached out with his arm and caught the railing. He pulled himself up just as the other guy was standing. Chase grabbed the man by the shirt collar with his left hand, and drove a powerful right hand blow into the man’s forehead! The man s head snapped back and smacked against the metal door. The man recovered and tried to land a blow on Chase. Chase sidestepped and grabbed the man’s arm. He pulled and the man lost his balance and keeled forward. With one final shove, Chase sent him rolling down the stairs to the floor below. When the man hit the floor, he lay still and didn’t move. Chase moved through the door onto the bridge. There had been three men on the bridge, one was dead. The two others had surrendered. Jake and Jose were cuffing the two men and John was working on stopping the boat. It wasn’t long before Chase felt the boat slow, and then come to a gentle stop. He could feel the vibration in the floor stop as the engines ceased to run.

“Good job guys. Let’s go find those sailors they are holding.”

They followed him off the bridge and down the stairs. They walked quietly and quickly down a hallway. Chase held up his hand and the others stopped. He had heard something in the room they were approaching. He pulled out his pistol and clicked off the safety. The other three waited while he moved forward. He approached the room carefully. As he drew closer, he heard the sounds of a man heating up some food. He went in through the doorway.

“Freeze!”  he said in a commanding voice.

The man spun around quickly reaching for his gun as he came to face Chase. Chase held off for just split second, then the man began to raise his gun. Chase had no choice. He squeezed the trigger. The man flew into a counter and a muffled pop sounded from the silenced firearm. The man crumpled to the floor and lay there bleeding from a wound to his shoulder. Chase approached the man and took his gun. He handcuffed the man to a metal pole. Just then the other three came into the room. Chase found a towel in the room and tied it tightly around the wound, hoping it would stop the bleeding. He stood up and walked out of the room, the others followed him.

They continued down the hall to another flight of stairs which led down into the depths of the ship. They walked quietly down the stairs to the last deck of the ship. There was one long hall on this deck, it led to the engine room, where the hostages were probably being kept. They walked slowly down the hall, stopping at each door to make sure the rooms were empty. They were approaching the end of the hall. When they came to the end, they found the engine room split off into two areas. He motioned to Jose to take John and go to the right, he would take Jake and go to the left. They all nodded and soon they were seperated. Chase and Jake followed a hallway around a corner. They were surrounded by the huge engine of the ship. They continued walking until they came to an open area. This area was about twenty by twenty feet. In this area were seven guards, they were carefully watching about twenty sailors. Chase looked across the room and saw Jose hiding, waiting for his signal. Chase whispered in his radio,

Get out your main gun, tell John to do the same, we are going to use our scopes and pick off a few of them before we move them. I want each of us to hit one guard. I’ll fire first. Jake and I have the guards closest to us, you take the one’s closest to you.”

Chase brought his gun up and watched at Jake did the same. He pointed to the two guards, and mouthed that he had the one on the right. Jake nodded. Chase lined the crosshairs up on the guards chest. He held his breath and squeezed off the shot. He heard a muffled pop and the man fell to the floor. He heard three more gunshots as three more men fell to the floor. Then he moved in. There were three guards left, they were trying to find out who had fired the shots, by the time they saw the four men sprinting at them it was to late to react. They tried to bring their guns up but they weren’t fast enough. The team was on top of them in a flash. Jose and John both tackled the same man and they had him cuffed before he could even protest. Chase came in fast and brought his gun back and swung it like a bat into the other guys stomach. The man doubled over and Chase swung the gun down and hit him square on the back. The man fell flat on the ground. Chase quickly pulled the man’s arms back and cuffed him.

Jake had his hands full dealing with a guard who probably outweighed Jake by fifty pounds. Jake kept moving, hopping on his toes, wearing the man down. The man would lunge at Jake, and Jake would sidestep and land a powerful blow. The man turned to face Jake, but was met with a flying fist. The blow was so powerful that he fell straight  backwards and was out cold before he even hit the floor. Jake whipped out a set of handcuffs and had the man secured quickly. He noticed that his blow had literally squashed the guards nose.  It was bleeding all over. He walked over to where the other three were. They had just finished cuffing the other two guards and were talking with the sailors. One of the sailors spoke up,

“We’d all be dead if it weren’t for you guys, they said they were planning on killing us all and dumping us overboard as soon as they got the money.”

Jake looked at the young man who couldn t have been much more than twenty,

“Well, I’m glad that were able to help.”

Chase spoke up,  “We are pretty sure we got all these guys, but either way, we ll stay with you until you reach port. There is room on the bridge for all of us, so let’s head up there. I figure we are about an hour from port. When we get back the police will be waiting to take these men into custody. You all will have to fill out some papers, but other than that you can go home and be with your families. I’m sure they are worried about you.”

Jake looked at the three guards in the room,  “Chase, Jose and I will get all these guys and lock them in that utility closet in the hall just outside the engine room. Go ahead and take the sailors up to the bridge and get the ship underway.”

Chase nodded and walked off down the hall with the sailors following him. It didn’t Jake and Jose long to hear the engines roar to life. It only took them a few minutes to lock the guards and their cohorts up. Then they went and joined the John, Chase, and the sailors on the bridge.

The trip into port lasted a little over an hour. When they were about two miles away, they could make out distant flashes of blue and red light. The police would be waiting for them when they arrived. As they got closer they counted about a half dozen cars and about twenty officers. Along with them were swarms of media. As the boat slowed and pulled into docking position, Chase watched as cameras followed their progress. Soon the boat came to a rest. Quickly steps were put in place and the officers boarded the boat.  Chase met them and showed them where they had the terrorists locked up. Jake, Jose, and John escorted the sailors off the boat. Within five minutes everyone was off the boat. Chase glanced at his watch, it read a quarter until five. Daylight would be coming soon. Jake came up behind him,

“Chase, lets get out of here before the media gets to us, otherwise it might be awhile before we get home.”

Chase nodded his agreement and all four of them walked over to police officer who was standing beside his car.

“Hey, do you think you could give us a ride back to the station?”  Chase asked as he held back a yawn.

“Sure, hop in, I’m sure you all must be beat.”

With that they were on their way back to the station. The ride was quick since there was very little traffic. When they arrived they walked into the station to find the chief, he was waiting for them when they arrived. He had dark rings under his eyes and a cup of steaming coffee in one hand, he had been up all night. Inspite of his long night, a smile covered his face.

” That was some great work, you all did incredible considering the time we had to prepare. I m sure you all must be tired, because I know I am, so you all go on home, sleep as long as you need, and then you can come back here later today and fill out your reports.”

They all sighed with relief when they heard that news.

” Thanks Chief,”  Jake said,  “we’ll be back sometime this afternoon.”

Then they turned and walked out of the station. They piled into Chase s truck and drove slowly home. By the time they got home, the sky was beginning to lighten slightly. The clock in the truck said that it was after six. They all got out and trudged wearily up the sidewalk. Jose fumbled with his keys and unlocked the door. When they were inside all headed to their beds without a word. When Jose got to his bed, he noticed he still had on his body armor. He unstrapped it and let it flop heavily to the floor, he pulled off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. He pulled back the covers and crawled under them. The last sound he heard was the faint sound of Jake snoring in the other room.


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