Photography Challenge Week 2: Straight Out of Camera (SOOC)

The challenge for this week was to shoot a compelling image and then post it without any editing. Straight out of camera. For this challenge I’m attempting to shoot RAW+JPEG in order to force myself to work a little harder in post. Shooting JPEG means the camera processes the image and adds its own little tweaks like sharpness and contrast adjustments before I’ve even looked at it. In many cases that works really well but I want to work on my editing during this challenge.

So here’s my image as it was shot. No editing at all. It’s down the road from where I live and is a memorial to fallen Soldiers in the 3rd Infantry Division. I’m fairly happy with the shot and even though the edited photo won’t be posted until much later in the challenge I’ve already run it through Snapseed and I think it’s turning out pretty well. It was a bit breezy and I shot at a shutter speed just long enough to show the motion of some of the flags which I thought turned out well.

What are your thoughts? How can I improve?

"Where Warriors Walk" #dogwood2017 #dogwood52 #dogwood2017week2 #sooc


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