Christmas 2016

For the first time in years we didn’t travel for Christmas. With Laura’s trip to Oklahoma in September for a wedding, my being gone to Europe for four months with the Army, and an anticipated move this coming summer we decided that we wanted to spend Christmas at our home in Georgia. My family graciously agreed to make the long drive from Oklahoma to Georgia so that we could have a Very McCary Christmas 2016 edition.

My parents, siblings, their spouses and kiddo all piled into two cars and drove through the night so that they could spend a few days in balmy Southeast Georgia. We made a trip to Savannah to show our family around the lovely hostess city of the South. It included a tasty lunch at Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons, and several hours spent wandering the historic part of town and enjoying the squares and the Spanish moss.

We also made a trip to the Georgia coast courtesy of the lovely Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island. We took our family picture there. It’s reminiscent of one we took in the summer of 2010 on the Oregon coast at Cannon Beach. The difference is that our family has grown considerably in the six years since.

We didn’t do a lot of gifts this year. The big gift was having the whole family together and, for Laura and I, not having to travel. We did treat everyone to a few tasty mementos from Georgia and Germany though. One thing is for sure, packing 13 people into our house for a few days, seeing some sights, eating some good food, and enjoying family made this a memorable Christmas for sure.


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