Team Freedom: Operation Skyline (Chapter 11)

I wrote this in high school. I now find it humorous. I offer no further commentary and, like a good exegetical scholar, will let the text speak for itself. Enjoy.



Chase pulled a small red light out from under his seat. He rolled down the window and a magnet stuck it to the roof of his truck. He went as fast as he safely could through the early afternoon traffic. He weaved in and out of traffic on the freeway, honking his horn at cars that were reluctant to get out of his way. He reached the station within fifteen minutes. He recognized Jose s car as he pulled into the parking lot. He pulled into a spot that was reserved for him. He jumped out of the truck and went through the doors. The secretary pointed to a room just down the hall. He made his way to the door and went in without knocking. His three friends were sitting around a small table while the chief briefed them on the situation.

“Have a seat Chase, we are just getting started. One of our contacts located the hideout for a local drug ring. The people in this ring have a notorious reputation for supplying a variety of drugs to kids while they are on school grounds. How they have managed this we are still trying to figure out. We think that some may wait outside at around lunch time and let the kids come to them. WE think they have a kid in the school who makes referals for them. We hope to end all that with this strike. Our estimations have this as a rather small ring. Our best guesses put the number at no more than ten people. A large ring really isn’t necessary to keep the schools covered, and it reduces chances of being discovered. We ve had a guy trying to root out this ring for nearly two years now. Their small size made them nearly impossible to detect. We finally got our break when our inside man followed one the dealers back to their home base. They seem to be operating out of a trailer in the Northern Light trailer park. That may just be where they store the goods, but we found out that all of them meet there at nine every night. So you can guess when we are going to want to strike. Working at night is not only less dangerous, it helps keep curious neighbors from seeing you and giving you away. Here’s the plan. You four will arrive in an unmarked car. You will park the car three hundred yards down the street from the trailer. Now, our source told us that there is an abandoned trailer about thirty feet from the one being used as a base. You will position yourselves in that trailer no later than eight tonight. We will have a driver for your car waiting in a convenience store across the street from where it will be parked. If you need him just radio him and he can pick you up. We have already chosen the best weapons for this raid. Your main gun will be the H&K assault rifle, it will be silenced to the point that the sound of the action ejecting the shell will be louder than the sound of the gun going off. Your back up gun will be a silenced Glock 9mm. You will each be given three flash bangs and three frag grenades. You will also be issued four sets of handcuffs each. We want to take these boys alive if at all possible. You will be given standard issue medium body armor. That stuff can stop a small rifle round. It has saved the lives of many men. I think that about covers everything. Does anyone have any questions?”

No one did.

“Good, I want you all to go back to the rec room and rest up. I want you fully alert tonight. These guys aren’t going to come easily. They know that when we catch them they are going to be put away for a long time. We need to make a statement to the other drug dealers in this city that there will be punishment for selling this junk to kids. Hopefully when we get these guys, we can draw a few more rings out of hiding. Even if we can just get them to do something stupid that will let us know where they are. Well, I’ve talked enough. You boys go on back and get some rest. You are liable to have a really long night. I’ll talk to you again just before you go.”

With that the chief left the room. The four looked at each other. This would be their first real drug bust. They had learned in their training that these people could be extremely ruthless. None of them spoke as they got out of their chairs and walked to the rec room. All of them were busy thinking about what they were going to have to do that night. They had to be mentally prepared. There were four couches in the room. All of them laid down to rest. Sleep came slowly for all of them, but it did finally come. Even though they had all slept well the night before, they knew how much an operation could drain a person. Even one who was well rested.

The alarm on Chase’s watch went off at six\_thirty. He got up off the couch and stretched. He grabbed a pillow and threw it across the room at Jake. The pillow sailed across the room and hit Jake in the head. He sat up slowly. Soon the pillow had made the rounds and they were all up. They exited the rec room and walked down a hall to a changing room where their gear would be waiting. They went in and found all the gear folded neatly in the room. The guns and other instruments were laying on top of the folded clothes. They changed quickly. They all strapped on their body armor, then they put the grenades in tight fitting pouches in the belts they were wearing. They knew what they had to do so they didn’t need to briefed again. They walked out to an unmarked car. A driver was sitting in the seat. Chase recognized him as a veteran on the force. They all piled in and the man drove off.

They reached the unloading point at seven\_thirty. They got out of the car and ran to the cover of some nearby shadows. They watched as the driver sipped some coffee and read a newspaper. They knew the man would be there for them if they needed him. From where they were standing, deep in some dark shadows, they could see the trailer house where they would hide until the men they were after showed up. They ran across the lawns and got to the trailer without being spotted. Jake tried the door, it didn’t budge. Quickly he pulled a small device out of his pocket and picked the lock. They went inside and locked the door behind them. Boxes were stacked against the walls of the trailer. The boxes were stacked clear to the ceiling. John began examining one of the boxes that was stacked against the wall. He pulled out a black handled military style knife and sliced open the box. Carefully he pulled back the flap. He flinched when he saw the contents. Inside were roughly a dozen large ziplock bags filled with various types of drugs.

“Uh guys,  he said,  you might want to look at this stuff.”

The guys all crowded around him and looked into the box. Chase raised his eyebrows.

“I think the chief might have got his info wrong. I m going to bet the guys in that drug ring will be meeting in this trailer.”

Almost as if on cue, two pairs of headlights pulled into the driveway.

“Duck!”  Jose whispered hoarsely.

They all fell to the floor, Chase made a motion with his hand that said the guys should follow him. They crawled across the floor into a bedroom. This room was full of boxes too. They waited silently. There was a hole in one of the walls and Chase peaked through. He watched as eight men entered the room. From a closet one man got out some folding chairs. He watched as a man, who was probably the dealer, gave another man some money. The man who had the money, signaled one of the men with him. The man stacked four boxes of drugs on the floor in front of the man. Through the light filtered in the window, he could see the man who had purchased the boxes smiling. Chase nodded to the guys who were waiting intently behind him. He moved to the door, the others followed him closely. Chase  readied his gun. He pulled a flash bang out of pouch and made a sign that they should shield their eyes. All of them did it, he pulled the pin and threw it into the crowded room. He saw the suprise on the faces of the men in the room. He watched as they all reached for guns that they were hiding in their clothes. Chase knew that the flash bang would go off before they had a chance.

A bright flash followed by a loud bang, brightened the trailer like the sun, and shook the walls like and earthquake.

All four of them ran into the room where the stunned group of men stood blinded. They had all but three handcuffed when the men finally realized what was happening. Jake saw one man reaching for his gun and dove for him. The man was standing in front of a window with curtains drawn over There was a sound of shattering glass as the man fell through the window to the ground four feet below. Jake had his gun ready as he leaped out the window after the man. Chase saw movement out of the corner of his eye. John and Jose leaped at the same time, knocking a man to the floor. Chase heard the floor creak, he insinctively ducked. He felt the wind as a gun swung by above his head, narrowly missing. He spun around with his hand curled into a fist at his side. When the man was standing in front of him, he used the momentum of the turn to drive his fist into the mans stomach. The man doubled over in pain. Chase brought his fist up and heard it crack as it made contact with the guys forehead. The man fell on the floor hard, his gun falling from his hand. Chase thought the man was down, but he was wrong. The man rolled over and with a suprising speed drew a knife and lunged from his knees towards Chase. Chase saw moonlight flash on the blade. He sidestepped and the blade missed him by inches. As the man with the knife was thrown off balance by the thrust, Chase grabbed his arm and wrenched it around behind the mans back. He began to pull the arm upwards until the man screamed in pain and dropped the knife. Chase eased up the pressure just enough so that he wouldn’t break the arm. He cuffed that hand and pulled the other arm back and cuffed it. He got up and saw that John and Jose had their man pinned to the floor and were preparing to put handcuffs on him. Chase looked out the broken window just in time to see Jake deliver a smashing blow to the other man. The man’s nose crumpled under the force of the hit. Jake seized the oppurtunity and in a flash he had the man on the ground. Jake pinned the man s arms behind his back and handcuffed him. Just then Chase heard Jose yell,

“Chase! Look out!”

Chase spun around just in time to see the man he had cuffed shoulder charging him. He tried to sidestep, but it was to late. The man rammed Chase! As Chase felt himself flying backwards, he grabbed the man’s shirt. They both fell through the broken window to the ground below. Chase fell flat on his back, for a moment he lay there stunned. He got up to see the man who had tackled him getting to his feet. Chase got up and made his way over to where the man was standing. As he was walking over the man began to run away! Chase took off in pursuit. The man had about a ten foot lead on him Chase when he took off. The man was moving quickly in spite of the cuffs on his hands. Chase hit full speed and covered the ground between the two of them quickly. This reminded him of running track in high school. When he was within range, Chase left his feet in a flying, football style tackle. His shoulder slammed into the guys back, causing the running man to lose his balance. The man had his hands cuffed so he fell flat on his face. Chase whipped out his gun and pointed at the man.

“You better not move an inch, you are starting to get on my nerves.”

The man never budged.

Chase reached down and pulled the man upright.

“Alright buddy, you have an appointment with the American justice system, and we don’t wanna keep them waiting.”

Chase kept the man in front of him as they walked over to the squad car that was waiting. He got the guy in the car then walked back to the trailer where his friends were examining some more of the boxes.

John looked up as Chase walked in and said,  “This is incredible Chase! There must be several million dollars worth of drugs in this one trailer. Someone’s going to have hayday getting rid of all this stuff. Maybe we could just have a big bonfire with all of it.”

All of them chuckled at that remark. Just then all their radios came to life. They all recognized the voice of the chief.

“Good work men, we got all of them. That is one less drug ring that the city has to worry about. You all can have a few days off unless something unseen comes up. That is after you file your reports. I ll talk you all later. Out.”

They all looked at each other, they weren t going to argue about a few days off. They all had some people that they would love to spend extra time with.

They stayed at the trailer about twenty more minutes. They waited for a team of police photographers to show up. Chase glanced at his watch. It was nearly midnight. It never ceased to amaze him how time seemed to fly during an operation. They piled into a waiting squad car. They were driven back to the station where they would have to be debriefed, then they would have to fill out some paper work. By the time the car pulled into the parking lot at the station, all four of them were beginning to feel how tired they were. The adrenaline was beginning to wear off and they were starting to feel the bruises from the nights efforts. Chase knew he was going to be sore where the guy rammed him. Jake had some small cuts on him from when he jumped through the broken window. John was walking with slight limp. Jose had some nasty rug burn on his arms from when he had helped John tackle a guy. All in all, they felt they made out pretty well. They knew things could have gone much, much worse.

If there was one thing they all hated about their job, it was the paper work. They all had to file reports on what had happened that night. The reports were three pages long. It took them about an hour to fill them out. The top officer on duty debriefed them. They were all glad to hear that they had completely shut down a major drug ring. They hoped it would take a few dealers out of business, and help keep the junk from being so easily accessible to kids in school.

They all went home that night feeling completely spent. It never ceased to amaze them how much an operation could wear, even a well rested person down. To the point of nearly falling over from exhaustion. That was just one of the things that went with the job though. They hardly said anything to each other that night. All they could think about were the soft beds that were waiting for them. Within fifteen minutes of getting back home, the whole house was quite. The only sounds that could be heard were that of the occasional car driving by outside, or the rustle of the leaves through an open window.

There was one whoever, who didn t fall asleep quite as quickly as the others did. Chase lay in his bed looking at the ceiling and thinking. He was thinking about Tiffany. He had never felt the way he did now. No other girl had caught his attention and held it as she did. Tiffany did something that no other girl he had ever known was capable of. She was capable of making him feel complete. She was like the one piece of the puzzle that he could never find. Somehow he knew that she was the perfect fit to fill the empty piece in that puzzle. He said a quick prayer as his eyes began to become heavy.

“God,”  he whispered,  “please give me wisdom is this relationship. Tiffany is something very special to me and I don t want to screw this up. Please help me in this.”

His eyes shut, and in a matter of minutes he was sound asleep, and the only sound was the rustling of the trees in the wind.


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