Team Freedom: Operation Skyline (Chapter 10)

I wrote this in high school. I now find it humorous. I offer no further commentary and, like a good exegetical scholar, will let the text speak for itself. Enjoy.



When his eyes opened the next morning, sunlight was streaming in through a window in the room he was sleeping in. A square of bright light was cast over the bed he was laying in. He noticed someone had come inside and opened the window. A cool morning breeze was blowing through the open window and rustling the curtains. Outside he could hear the birds chirping back and forth. He could make out the whistles and chirps of at least four different types of birds. He almost hated to get out of bed. He pushed back the covers and swung his legs out of the bed. As he sat there he rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands. He stood up and walked into the bathroom. He decided he would take a quick shower before he came out for breakfast. He turned on a radio in the bathroom and turned on the shower.

He walked into the kitchen and saw that only Tiffany was at the table.

“Good morning Chase.”

“Morning.”  he said cheerily,  “Where is everyone else?”

“My parents are both in the family room watching the twelve o clock news.”

Chase looked surprised,  “Is it lunchtime already? Did I miss church?”

Tiffany laughed,  “I guess you just got to hungry to sleep longer. Yes, Mom and Dad went to the early service. They decided to let us sleep.”

“Speaking of food, is there any around here?”

Tiffany pointed him to the fridge. He opened it and got out a pitcher of orange juice. Tiffany got him a bowl of cereal, and soon they were sitting together at the table enjoying their late breakfast.

“Man,”  Chase said as he munched on a bite of cheerios.

“What?”  Tiffany said wishing he would finish his thought.

“I feel like I could take on the world and win right now. Its amazing what a good nights sleep can do for a guy.”

Tiffany smiled. She never would have told him how exhausted he had looked the night before. When Chase had sat in that doctors office, his face and eyes looked so droopy he could have been sleep walking. The Chase that she saw sitting across the table from her was the one she had found herself falling for that day at the park. She thought back to that day, had it only been a few weeks ago that she poured her heart to a guy she hardly knew? Now he was sitting at her kitchen table reading a newspaper. She found herself staring into his grey\_blue eyes, completely lost inside of them.

Her head snapped back as a hand waved in front of her face.

“Anyone home?”  Chase asked, barely containing a laugh.

“How long have I been staring at you?”  She asked, her ears turning a little red.

Chase thought for a second,  “Well you stared at me for about thirty seconds, then you stared at my empty chair for about a minute.”

She couldn’t believe she had let herself do that,  “I’m sorry Chase, I was just thinking about things.”

“I understand how you feel, sometimes I find myself doing the same thing.”

“Oh really!”  She said in mock surprise,  “and just when have you been doing this?”

“When you aren t paying attention to me.”

They both laughed.

“And when do I not pay attention to you?”

Chase had to think about that one for a moment,  “Almost never, I m just really sneaky. You don’t think that I didn t learn anything about being sneaky in all my training?”

“I guess the thought just slipped my mind.”

Chase reached for his glass of juice. He nearly dropped it in surprise when his pager vibrated in his pocket. He still couldn t get used to that thing. The display read,

“Come to HQ ASAP”

Chase looked at Tiffany apologetically,  “I gotta run, something must have happened. Tell your parents thanks for me.”

Chase stood up and headed for the door. Tiffany blocked his way.  Chase,  she said in a tender voice,  “Be careful.”

Chase looked into her green eyes,  “I will.”

He embraced her quickly, but tightly. Then he turned and jogged down the sidewalk to his truck. He jumped in and the engine roared to life. He waved to Tiffany as she stood on the porch leaning on one of the huge white pillars watching him go.




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