Team Freedom: Operation Skyline (Chapter 9)

I wrote this in high school. I now find it humorous. I offer no further commentary and, like a good exegetical scholar, will let the text speak for itself. Enjoy.



As Chase held Tiffany in the waiting room, he could feel her physically loosen up. The tension of the night had worn on her and she was very tired. Chase talked to the secretary for a few minutes he had to give her his address so that she could send him a bill. After that Chase took Tiffany’s hand and they walked together out to his truck. Chase opened the door for her and then walked around to his side and got in. For a moment he just sat in the seat and looked straight ahead. Tiffany turned to look at him and said,

“You could have been hurt tonight you know.”

Chase gripped the steering wheel,  “I know Tiff, I know. In the last few weeks there have been many times that I could have been killed. There really isn t anything I can do about it though. I just like to keep my guardian angel on his toes.”

That drew a smile from Tiffany, she scooted over to the middle of the seat and kissed Chase on the cheek. Chase grinned and started the truck,

“Nothing like a peck on the cheek to cap off an interresting evening.”

It wasn’t five minutes before Tiffany was asleep on his shoulder. Chase drove her all the way home. Chase walked her up to her door, and just as she was about to go in the door swung open. Jason was standing there.

“Chase I saw on the news what you did tonight, I didn’t know my daughter was dating a hero.”

Chase was caught off guard by the statement, “Neither did I.” Was the best he could manage.

Jason glanced as his watch,  “Chase it is really late, why don t you stay here tonight. You can have one of the spare rooms all to yourself.”

Chase thought about it for a few seconds,  “Sure,”   he said with a smile,  I am pretty tired.

Jason smiled back at him,  Great, come on inside and Jackie will make you some tea. We can talk for a little while.

Jason ushered Chase into a huge family room. A big screen TV sat in one corner, with speakers placed all through the room. The wall was covered with art from an artist named Thomas Kinkade. The mellow lights and beautiful pictures created a room that seemed positively serene. As he sat down in a lazy boy recliner, he noticed the soft piano music playing in the background. He could get used to this.

Chase leaned back in the recliner a little ways, and Jackie brought him a cup of steaming herbal tea. Chase sipped it and could taste the slight, sweet tinge of honey.

“Chase,”  Jackie said,  “There is a massager in that chair. Just flip up the armrest and turn it on.”

Chase liked the idea. He flipped up the armrest and pushed a few buttons. He leaned back and immediately he felt the chair vibrating. It soothed the sore muscles in his back and shoulders. It wasn’t more than a minute before he felt his eyes growing heavy. The West s were sitting together on a love seat sipping tea. Tiffany had already gone to bed.

Jackie smiled and said,  “Chase you can hardly keep your eyes open, the guest room is down the hall and to the right if you want to go get in bed. Oh, and don t worry about your friends, I ll call them and let you know where you are.”

Chase smiled his thanks. He stood up and Jackie took his empty mug. Chase said good night and walked out of the room and into what amounted to a foyer. He stopped in the middle of the foyer and looked around. The floor he was standing on was polished so clean, he could nearly see his reflection. Above him a crystal chandlier hung down from the ceiling. Two stairways arched upward to a balcony. The stairs and the balcony were bordered by a dark wood railing.

Chase walked down the hall and to his room. He opened the door and shut it behind him. The room was large and comfortably decorated. He walked to a closed door and opened it to find a bathroom with a large shower in it. He walked back into the room and noticed an etertainment center with a 27 inch TV in the middle of it. He sat down on the side of the bed and let out a huge sigh. He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his shirt. He pulled the covers back on the bed and climbed in. Reaching over to the nightstand, he flipped a switch and turned the light off.

For a few minutes he lay there in the bed. He prayed silently for a few minutes. He thanked God for his life. For his friends. For Tiffany. For the West s. He prayed that God would have His hand in his life and on his career. He prayed for protection from the many dangers that he faced nearly every day. Then he prayed for a good nights sleep.

He closed his eyes and the thoughts of the days events came flooding back to his mind. He wondered what would have happened if he hadn t made it out of that burning house alive. He thought of the woman he had saved from the abusive man, and from the raging flames of the burning house. He thought about the man….

His thoughts trailed off as his mind fell into a deep sleep. A sleep that he wouldn t wake up from for nearly eleven hours. A sleep that would leave him feeling well rested and ready to tackle the world. A sleep that only a great peace of mind, body, and soul could bring.


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