Team Freedom: Operation Skyline (Chapter 8)

I wrote this in high school. I now find it humorous. I offer no further commentary and, like a good exegetical scholar, will let the text speak for itself. Enjoy.


Chase got up the next morning and he was sore everywhere. He walked into the bathroom and pulled off his shirt, in the mirror, he could see a bruise near where one of his lower ribs was. As he pulled his shirt back on he whinced as the motion caused him to feel even more sore spots. He walked down the hall into the kitchen, sunlight was streaming in through the window. He walked out on the front porch and picked up the newspaper. He went back into the kitchen and got himself  a bowl of cereal. He sat down and started reading the article on the front page. They had once again made the front page of the paper. He wondered how long it would be before their privacy would be invaded by TV reporters. When he finished eating he sat back in his chair, and he tried to figure out what he wanted to do with the day. That was when he had an idea. He got up out of the chair trying to be careful and not cause himself more pain then necessary. He walked into the living room where Jose was sacked out on the couch,

“Jose, time to get up, I’ve got a great idea for something we can do today.”

He made the rounds to the other two bedrooms where John and Jake were sleeping. After waking them up, he walked back into the kitchen. Within five minutes all the guys were sitting around the table eating bowls of cereal. Chase let them get about half way through before he made his announcement,

“Guys, I was thinking while I was eating, why don’t you all call those girls you met the other day, and we’ll all go out to lunch at the Outback.”

They all looked up quickly, and all at the same time they said,


Chase was half was through a bite of Lucky Charms, and he cracked up laughing, nearly losing his mouthful of cereal.

“What’s so funny?” Jose asked smiling.

Chase glanced at the faces around the table, “I just thought it was funny at how quickly you all agreed to do that.”

They all finished eating and got in line for the phone. Chase got their first and made his phone call. The phone rang several times,


“Mrs. West?” Chase said.

“Yes, what can I do for you?”

“This is Chase McKnight, is Tiffany there?”

“Yes she is Chase, just a second and I’ll get her for you.”

Chase waited for about twenty seconds, and then a voice on the other end said,


“Hi Tiffany, its Chase.”

“Oh, hi Chase, whats up?”

“You actually. I was wondering if you would want to go and have lunch at the Outback with my friends and their dates?”

In the background, he could here her asking her mom for permission to go, a few seconds later, she was back on.

“Yeah, its fine, can you pick me up?

“I was planning on it, I’ll be at your house at about eleven\_thirty.”

“All right, I’ll talk to you when you get here.”

“Bye, Tiff, I’ll talk to you soon.”



As soon as he was off, the other guys rushed for the phone, Jose got there first, and he made his call to Angel. In less than a minute, he had made arrangements to pick her up. Jake got on next he called Stephanie and before long, he had his date secured. John picked up the phone and made his call. It took him a second to get the courage to punch in the number, but when he finally hung up, he smiled.

“She can come!” he said with a big grin on his face.

In less then a half hour, they were all ready to go. All four of them got in separate cars and started off to go pick up their dates.  Chase was in high spirits as he drove towards Tiffany’s house. He cranked up the stereo as he listened to his favorite  CD. As he got close to her house he flipped through the songs until he came to his favorite song.  Tiffany was sitting on the curb waiting for him. The wind was blowing her brown hair around her face as she stood up. She was not dressed up, she just had on a pair of blue jeans and a t\_shirt. She climbed into the truck and immediately her face broke into a smile,

“Chase that is one of my favorite songs,?”

Chase smiled back, “Really? I’ve got a lot of CD’s in that style of music.”

With that Chase pulled out of the driveway, humming the song to himself.

“Chase, I’m really glad you invited me, if you hadn’t called me soon, I was going to call you and ask if you wanted to do something.”

Chase smiled, “This morning when I got up, the idea hit me that it would be a lot of fun to get together. I mean all the guys and their girls.”

“Your right, that was a good idea. I have been wanting to meet all your friends.”

For a few minutes, they were quiet, finally Tiffany said,

“Chase, I worry about you, when you go out on your assignments. I always worry that the next time I see you it will be in the hospital. Then I read about what you and your friends do in the paper and I see it on the news and I realize that if it weren’t for you, that many innocent people would be hurt each day. Still, I’m scared for you.”

Chase didn’t know what to say, “Tiff, I know that every time I strap on my gun, and put on my bullet proof vest, that I could die. When I’m going up against people who would shoot me as soon as look at me,  I’m not out there to get the bad guy, I’m out there to protect those innocent people who never asked to have a man hold them hostage at gunpoint. If it weren’t for me and my boys, a lot of people could get hurt. When I go into a scene where there is a man who is armed, I have to block out the fact that I could get shot. Just the other night, I took a hit in the vest, God protected me, and all I have is a bad bruise. There really isn’t much more to it then a lot of blocking out stuff that could happen, and then doing what you are taught to.”

“But Chase, what happens when you have to pull the trigger on someone?”

Chase thought for a few moments. “That is something that I have had to learn to deal with, I mean, when I have to pull the trigger, I have to make that decision in  less than a split second. If I had to think any longer than that, the undertaker would be paying me a visit.”

The rest of the way to the Outback, they made small talk. When they pulled into the parking lot, Chase looked around, he didn’t see any of the other guys cars there. They decided to go ahead and go in. Chase got a big table right by a window. The two of them sat down. Tiffany took a seat beside Chase. In less then five minutes, all the others showed up, and before long they were all seated around the table talking, laughing, and having a good time. They all ordered and sat back to enjoy each others company.

“Hey Chase,” Angel said, “I hear you like the Space Needle?”

Chase nodded, “You better believe it, I’d have to say that is one of the most romantic dinners in America.”

Tiffany looked over at him and smiled,

“Yeah, those glass elevators are awesome. I remember the first time I rode in one of them when I was little, I was so scared. I was hanging all over my mom. Now I think it is about the greatest thing in the world.”

When the food arrived they all dug in. As they were eating, Chase cracked a blonde joke. Stephanie, started laughing just as she took a drink of her Dr. Pepper, since she was the only blonde girl. She laughed so hard some of the pop came out her nose, and she spewed it across the table all over Jose. When that happened the whole group started laughing so hard, people at other tables turned to see what was so funny. Stephanie was laughing so hard she was crying, as she was trying to wipe the Dr. Pepper off her face. On the other side of the table Jose was trying without much luck to clean off  his shirt, while laughing just as hard as everyone else.

By the time they had finished eating, they were all so full that they were content to sit back and talk to each other. Conversations ranged from goals for life, to the President and politics. As they talked, they found out that as a group they really had a lot in common.

Chase glanced out the window  they were sitting closest to, he was alarmed to see it was nearly dark outside. He glanced at his watch, it was after six already.

“Hey guys,” he said, “We are going to have to get going, tomorrow is Sunday, and we need to get to bed a little earlier tonight.”

Everyone looked a little disappointed, but they all agreed. Soon they were all in their separate vehicles taking their dates home. Chase was taking Tiffany home the long way so they could have a little more time to talk. They were driving through one of poorer resedential areas. Chase had the windows down so that the cool night air rushed into the cab of his truck. He was only going about twenty\_five because in that part of town you could never tell when a kid would run out in front of you. As he and Tiffany were driving, he heard a loud gun shot. He knew from watching the news on TV that this part of Seattle had the highest crime rate, the police department near that part of town was on call nearly all the time settling domestic disputes. Chase knew that if he heard a gun, that it was more than a dispute. He looked over at Tiffany, she looked a little pale, and very scared.

“Tiff, I gotta go and see what that was.”

She nodded, “I know, just be careful!”

Chase reached under the seat, “Roll the windows up, lock the doors and sit down on the floor, if I’m not back in fifteen minutes, use my cell phone to call the police.”

She nodded.

He pulled his gun from under the seat, he slapped a clip into it and cocked it. He shut the door to the truck quietly. For a second he just stood and listened. From a house on the other side of the street, he could see shadows through the curtains, he could hear muffled voices yelling. One sounded like a drunk man, the other like a terrified woman. He could tell that the man was armed from the way he was talking. He ran quickly to the chain link fence that surrounded the house. He hurdled the fence and ran to the side of the house. Standing quietly in the shadow of a bush, he listened. The man inside was so drunk, it was nearly impossible to understand what he was saying. Chase knew that if he didn’t get in there, someone could be hurt seriously. That was when he heard something that caused him to send an urgent prayer heavenward. The sound of a bottle breaking against a wall, a match striking, and a woman screaming. That was when he knew he had to move in. His nose caught the slightest smell of smoke as he moved to the door. Just as he was about ready to open it, it flew open and threw him down a flight of several stairs onto the hard sidewalk below. He was laying on his back looking up, on the porch of the house, he saw a huge man, probably weighing more than two hundred seventy-five pounds, but what made the man dangerous, was the fact that he was drunk and armed.

When the man saw Chase he leaped off the porch trying land right on top of Chase. Chase rolled over quickly and the drunk hit the ground. Chase was on his feet, the drunk still had a gun. Chase knew if he didn’t get that gun, he was a dead man. Chase leaped at the man and grabbed his gun hand, he grabbed his arm at the wrist and elbow and jerked it down across his knee with all his might. He heard a crack, as one of the bones broke. The man dropped the gun as he let out a scream. Chase tried to back away but the drunk grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him off of his feet. Chase, not wanting to let the guy get a grip around his neck, brought his knee hard into the guys gut. With a grunt, the drunk dropped him and hunched over holding his stomach. Chase knew this was his opportunity. As the man was hunched over, Chase brought his fist up into the guys nose, the force of the blow sent the drunk sprawling to the hard concrete. Chase heard the man’s head smack the sidewalk. When he walked over, he found that the man was knocked out cold. He whipped off his belt and put it around the guys arms just to be safe. That was when he heard it, the crack of wood as it was consumed by fire. The house the drunk had come out of was nearly covered in flames. Chase, with a sudden surge of adrenaline fueled by fear and anger, ran through the front door, straight into the inferno. Inside the house, he could hardly see because his eyes were watering from the smoke, his lungs began to burn from the heat, and his whole body began to sweat. He looked into what appeared to be the living room. Sitting tied to a kitchen chair was a young woman, probably not much older than twenty. She was slumped over in the chair and looked it looked like he might already be to late. Chase ran into the room. The whole room was filled with flame, the only part that was not burning was the floor. He could see that he would not have time to untie the woman. He pulled out his knife and cut enough rope away to free her from the chair, he then hoisted her up so that she was hanging limply over his shoulder. He walked as quickly as he could out of the room. When he reached the door, he found that a piece of burning wood had fallen and blocked the way out. He was running out of options. The heat was extreme and he was sweating more than he ever had in his life. He looked to the other side of the room and and saw a window that had shattered from the heat. Thinking of nothing else he went over to it. As he was about to ease the woman outside, he heard the roof begin to collapse. Grabbing the woman under the arms, he jumped backwards out the window, pulling the woman with him. The old wooden window frame cracked and broke as he fell through it. He fell three feet to the ground below. The woman landed on top of him and rolled limply off.

He just lay there for a minute, taking huge breaths, trying to breathe in enough cool air to help soothe his singed lungs. As he lay there he heard footsteps running towards him, when they got close, they slowed down, then he heard a gasp, and they were running again. As he looked up at the sky, Tiffany leaned over him.

“Chase? Are you ok?” She said, trying not to cry.

Chase coughed and said in a hoarse voice barely above a whisper, “I’m fine, take care of the lady.”

Tiffany didn’t look convinced. She looked him over, he didn’t seem to have any burns, reluctantly, she moved over and looked at the lady.

Chase sat up slowly and crawled over to where Tiffany was leaning over the lady. The woman appeared to have suffered some minor burns, and she was beat up pretty badly around her face. While Chase and Tiffany cared for her, they heard sirens in the distance. In a matter of minutes, several police officers, and an ambulance, and two fire trucks were on the scene. The woman was taken to a hospital, and the EMT’s insisted that Chase come and be checked out for smoke inhalation. The man who Chase knocked out was taken to the police station to wait until he was sober enough to answer a few questions.

Chase and Tiffany drove to the hospital. Chase decided it would be wise to take the advice of the EMT and get himself checked out. He pulled into the parking lot and drove around until he found an empty space. He and Tiffany got out of the car and walked towards the main entrance of the hospital.

When they walked through the main doors, Chase approached the main desk,

“Ma am, could you tell me where I need to go to get checked out for smoke inhalation?”

The lady looked up from her work,

“Is the situation life threatening?”

Chase allowed himself a little chuckle,  “Does it look life threatening?”

The woman was not amused,  “Go down this hall and to the left, it is first door you come to, you can bother that secretary with your problems.”

Then the woman went back to her paper work. Chase raised his eyebrows at the lady and motioned for Tiffany to follow him. They walked down the hall and turned left. The first door was open, and they walked inside. The small waiting room was empty except for the two of them. A kind looking older doctor walked out from one of the back rooms. When he saw the two of them, his face broke into a wide grin,

“You two must be Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins! I bet you are going to want to see how that little one is growing.”

Tiffany blushed bright red, and Chase felt his ears getting warm, still he couldn’t resist a laugh. The doctor looked confused. Chase regained his composure and hurried to explain.

“I’m sorry, but I m Chase McKnight, and this is my girlfriend. I m here to get checked out for smoke inhalation.”

The doctor smiled again,

“Well you two do make a nice couple. Mr. McKnight, I looked at a lady not long ago who had suffered some minor burns and had been beaten, your name was brought up. Were you the one who rescued that lady?”

Chase hesitated a moment,

“I just did what any sane human being would have done.”

“The doctor looked like he was honored to have Chase in his office,

“Well you saved more than one life tonight, that young lady was expecting. Her baby is fine, as is she, but they would not be if you hadn t saved them. I found out that her husband will probably be put in jail for a good while.”

The doctor took his arm and led him into the back to begin checking him over. Tiffany sat down in the small waiting room and picked up a three month old magazine to help pass the time.  In the back, Chase and the doctor, who introduced himself as Frank Wentz, talked about the woman who he had saved.

“You know son,  the elderly doctor said,  I’ve seen a lot of things in my years as a doctor. I’ve met some people who have done some really heroic things, but what you did tonight just can’t be compared with. I mean it happens all the time in the movies, but you could have been killed. By looking out in the waiting room, it looks like you have a lot to live for too.”  The doctor smiled a kind of funny, mysterious smile that said he knew what Chase was feeling.

“Doc, I don t know if you recognize me, I’ve been in the newspaper some lately. I’m a cop, well a little more than that. I m actually part of an anti\_terrorism team. Saving a person s life is part of my job description, as is putting my life in danger.”

The doctor pumped up a cuff to take Chase s blood pressure as he looked at the readout he said,  “Actually I did recognize you after you said your name, but the fact that your job involves things like that doesn t make you any less of a hero to that woman and the child she is carrying. I can promise you that to that lady you are a hero, she will tell her child the story of how you rescued her, and it will more than likely become a family story. To that woman you are more than a hero, you are the man that saved her life. I know that sounds a little crazy, but it is true. I can also tell you, that girl sitting out in the waiting room looks at you as much more then a hero. I can tell by the way she looks at you. I can remember seeing some of those looks myself, nearly forty years ago. When I was just a young boy in love with a young girl, that girl is my wife now. The last forty years have been the best of my life. You have something special out there, so don t lose it.”

Chase looked thoughtful,  “I’ve never thought of it that way, that definitely changes my outlook on things.”

The doctor smiled,  “Well son, you check out fine. That skin on your face might be a bit tender for a few days, but other than that, you are healthy as a horse.”

Chase got up off the examining table and stuck out his hand,  “Doc, if I m ever sick or hurt I’ll come to you, and I ll reccomend you to my friends too.”

The doctor shook his hand and Chase walked out.

As the doctor took off the surgical gloves he had been wearing he felt like he had made a new friend. Although the young man who had just sat on his examining table was more than thirty years his junior, he felt like this man had a great future. He glanced out the door of his office and down the hall. He saw Chase put his hand out and pull Tiffany to her feet. He said something and she looked down at the floor and smiled, then he pulled her close and they shared a long embrace. Yes, he had a bright future indeed.




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