Team Freedom: Operation Skyline (Chapter 7)

I wrote this in high school. I now find it humorous. I offer no further commentary and, like a good exegetical scholar, will let the text speak for itself. Enjoy.


The light in Chase’s room clicked on. Jake walked to his bed and shook him awake. Chase groaned and opened his eyes.

“Hey Chase!” Jake said urgently, “I got a call just a second ago, a man highjacked a greyhound bus full of people, he’s threatening to kill everyone on board if he is not given one million dollars by four this morning. Chase jumped out of bed and threw a look at the clock by his bed, it was just before two, he hadn’t even been asleep for an hour.

“Jake go wake the others, I’ll be ready to go in less then five minutes.”

Chase opened his closet and took out a solid black pair of pants and solid black shirt to go with. He put those on and reached up on a high shelf and pulled down his Glock 9mm. Under his bed he pulled out a box  and took out five clips for his gun, he slapped one into the pistol and put the rest into pouches in his belt. Reaching further under his bed he pulled out a Kevlar vest, he put that on and fastened the straps. He put a holster around his waist and strapped his gun in it. He put on a black cap and a pair of black Nike’s. He walked out of his room and jogged down the hall way. Jose and Jake were in the living room, John followed Chase down the hall.

Jake told them what they had to do, “We have no time for a briefing, so I was told what to do. The bus is on 10th and Grady. The police cannot move in because the man holding the hostages said he would start shooting if he even saw a police car before four o’clock. So it is up to us to stop him. We better go, we are losing time.”

They ran out to Chase’s truck and piled in, Chase started the engine and sped off through the night. It took him about fifteen minutes to get to a spot about three blocks from where the bus was located. Chase killed the engine and they got out. Chase called headquarters on his cell phone to say they were moving in. He threw the phone back in the truck and then they started moving towards the bus. They jogged silently through the cool early spring night air towards the bus. When they were no more than one hundred yards away, they stopped to figure out what to do next.

“Jake, I want you to take John and move in from the back emergency exit, Jose and I will try to get in from the door in the middle of the bus. Remember, if this guy even looks like he is getting ready to pull the trigger on someone, shoot. If all else fails, we can try to shoot him through the glass, but I want to try and avoid that ’cause we may injure the civilians with flying glass. You all got that?” All heads nodded, “Good then lets move in.”

Jake and John moved off in one direction, while Chase and Jose headed for the middle door on the bus. Chase and Jose made their way slowly, ducking behind parked cars and into alleys to avoid being detected. As they made their way closer, they could see the man inside holding a gun and talking on a phone. He appeared to be upset. When the man had his back turned, they ran to the side of the bus and put their backs against the side of the vehicle. They waited, and soon they were given the siganl from Jake and John that they were ready. Now Chase had to figure out how to get inside without being detected. That was when an idea hit him,

“Jose, the floors on these buses are made of metal right?”

Jose thought for a second, “All the ones that I have been in have had metal floors, why?”

“Back in my truck is a portable torch I keep in the tool box, if I can cut through the floor above one of the cargo compartments, I think I can get in without being detected.”

Jose didn’t need to be asked twice. He ran quickly and quietly back to the truck, and he was back in less than two minutes. The torch was just not very big, Chase hoped it had enough fuel to get the job done. Jose opened one of the compartments and started pulling out suitcases and garment bags. He laid them  quietly on the ground beside the bus. Chase crawled inside the empty compartment and lit the torch. He could see where the seats above him were bolted into the floor. He started cutting in a place that would open up a hole between two seats. The metal above him turned red from the heat as the torch began cutting through the metal. For nearly fifteen minutes he worked, until finally the floor began to fall through. He pulled out a pair of gloves and got it the rest of the way down. He sat it silently on the pavement. He looked through the hole and saw two frightened people looking down at him. He put his finger to his lips and mouthed for them to be quiet. He pulled out his pistol and got ready to move in, he motioned for Jose to tell John and Jake to be ready. He breathed a quick prayer and pulled himself through the hole. He stayed low behind the seat, the fewer people saw him the better. Looking under the seat, he could see the legs of the man he was after. He heard the man yell into the phone,

“I want my money, I’m going to shoot a hostage every minute unless I see that money!”

Chase didn’t have long to act. He saw the man’s feet start moving toward him, that was when he had an idea. The man walked right by where he was hiding. As soon as the man had his back turned, Chase stood up. One of the passengers in the front of the bus sneezed causing the man with the gun to spin around. He and Chase looked right at each other. The man began to raise his gun, Chase planted his foot on a seat and flew over the back of the seat into the man. As the man fell his gun went off. The bullet struck the vest Chase was wearing and sent Chase flying backwards into one of the seats. He lay their stunned, the man raised his gun and was just about to pull the trigger when one of the hostages shoved the man in the back. The man lost his balance and fell right on top of Chase. Chase brought his elbow back and hit the guy in the face. The man stood up, he still had his gun. Chase jumped up and grapped the man’s gun hand. He brought the hand down hard on his knee causing the man to lose his grip on the gun. Chase grabbed his gun and whipped the man over the head with it. The man fell to the floor and didn’t move. The rest of the team ran into the bus with guns ready. Chase stood up and rubbed his shoulder, it was sore from where he had hit it on the seat. It felt like he might have bruised a rib from the shot he had taken. He pulled a set of handcuffs from his belt and cuffed the man’s hands behind him.

“Jake, call the police and let them know we have the man in custody, and tell them to bring something to transport these people to a hotel.”

Jake nodded and said to the passengers on the bus, “I need to borrow a cell phone to call the police.”

More than a dozen people offered him their phones. He called the police who said they would be there in a few minutes.

They started helping people get off the bus, it seemed everyone wanted to shake hands with the four people who had very possibly saved their lives. All the people were standing outside waiting when the police arrived. The team turned the gunman over to the police and walked back towards Chase’s truck. When they got there, they all piled in and headed home.

By the time they got home it was after four in the morning. None of them said anything, they just walked straight to their rooms. Chase was so tired he just fell into bed in the clothes that he had Less then five minutes after they had arrived, all the men were fast asleep in their beds. God had watched over them again, and none of them had been seriously hurt, and for that, they were thankful.

All of them slept late the next morning, it was after twelve before Chase finally got up. He took a quick shower and then walked out into the living room where the TV was on. Jake was sitting there watching the news, the reporter was telling the story of what had happened the night before.

“Good morning Jake.” Chase said through a yawn.

Jake turned, “Oh I didn’t even hear you come in, good morning.”

Chase walked into the kitchen and got a bowl of cereal, he walked back into the living room and sat down on the couch. He started eating while the reporter continued talking about the events of the night before.

“Chase, I got a call from headquarters, they want us to come in and fill out our report about what happened last night.”

Chase grimaced, “I thought I was going to get the rest of the day off to be lazy.”

He finished his breakfast and put his bowl and spoon in the dishwasher.

“I’m going to wake up the other guys so that we can go and get that done.”

Jake nodded and turned back towards the TV. Chase woke Jose and John and in less than a half  hour, they were on their way to the station. When they arrived, the desk clerk pointed towards a room where the chief was waiting to debrief them and tell them the extent of what they had done.

“As far as we could find out, the man who held up the bus was in no way related to the incident at the hotel. He was just a desperate man who needed money, and who was desperate enough to endanger the lives of others to get it. You handled the situation well, the fact that there was no gunplay greatly reduced the risk of a civilian being injured. Also the way you got into the bus, that was something I have never seen before, we will start recommending that it be used more often in those types of situations. Well, I guess that is about all, when you guys finish your reports you are free to go home. Then, unless an emergency happens, you can have the rest of weekend off.”

They were all handed several pieces of paper and soon they were hard at work writing their report. It took them about an hour to finish, and by the time they did, they were all ready to go and take a nap. Chase drove them home and they spent the rest of the day watching TV and sleeping. That night they ordered pizza because none of them wanted to fix anything. By seven they were all dead tired, and soon they all went to bed.


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