Team Freedom: Operation Skyline (Chapter 6)

I wrote this in high school. I now find it humorous. I offer no further commentary and, like a good exegetical scholar, will let the text speak for itself. Enjoy.


To Chase it seemed like Friday would never arrive. When it finally did, he decided that he wanted to take Tiffany to eat at the diner in the top of the Space Needle. He took a shower and got dressed. He walked into the kitchen and picked up a piece of paper that had directions on how to get to her house. He read it over quickly then told his friends goodbye, all of them had already gone out on their dates, now it was Chase’s turn. He walked outside and got in his truck. He drove through some shopping areas until he reached Northern Heights. It was one of the wealthier resedential areas. He drove down the street surrounded by well trimmed trees, and manicured lawns. The houses were huge and the landscaping simply stunning. He glanced at the directions and then at the house in front of him. There was no mistaking it. The house was built to look like a southern style mansion. One that a person might have seen at a plantation in the Civil War era. The huge porch on the front had six huge, white washed pillars supporting a deck over twenty feet in the air. The yard was huge, especially for the area. The trees and bushes were well trimmed and everything about the house and yard had neatness and perfection written all over it. One of the huge, dark wood doors swung open and Tiffany stood at the entrance. Her parents were beside her. She motioned to Chase. He got out of his truck and walked up a perfectly smooth sidewalk to the porch.

“Chase, I want you to meet my parents, Jason and Jackie West.”

Chase shook both of their hands.

Jason started off saying, “Feel free to call me Jack or Jason, most people I know call me both. Chase I must admit I’m glad that a man with some morals and a good reputation has chosen to take my daughter out. I’m sure you two will have a good time. Oh, and after the movie is over why don’t you come back here to the house and we’ll talk for awhile.”

Chase looked relieved, he hadn’t expected a welcome like that, “Thank you sir, I think I’ll take you up on that offer, and don’t worry, I won’t have her home too late.”

Chase and Tiffany walked down to his truck and got in. Just before Chase started the truck, he looked up at the two people standing on the porch. Jason and Jackie looked at each other. It was one of those looks that said, “She is growing up so fast,” even though Tiffany was Chase’s age.

“Tiffany, I reserved us a table at the diner in the Space Needle.”

“Chase, you shouldn’t have, that has to be my favorite place in the world to eat.”

They rode on talking about things that had happened in the last week.

“Tiffany you never told me where you worked?”

She glanced at him,  “I kinda held off telling you because I didn’t want you to think I was stuck up, but I’ve never had to work. My parents have basically given me everything. I recently started checking in at schools to see if they needed any substitutes, and I put in an application at a fancy restaurant. So if something comes of that, then that will be my job.”

Chase smiled, “At least you don’t have to worry about getting shot or blown up every time you check in for work.”

She laughed, “Yeah, I guess you do have a few more minor hazards to worry about.”

They drove through the early evening traffic and into the crowded parking lot of the Space Needle. He parked the truck and walked around to the other side to open the door for Tiffany. He helped her out and straightened his suit and tie by looking at his reflection in the window.

“How do I look?” Tiffany asked.

Chase looked at her, she was wearing a dark green dress with a material that sparkled in the parking lights. She had a thin gold necklace on that had a tiny diamond on the end of it. On her wrist was a gold band made of linked hearts. Her ears had tiny diamond studs in them. Chase had told her they were going somewhere where they should dress up. He hadn’t expected her to look so extravagant. He reminded her of a prom queen from his high school days.

Chase smiled, “Shall we?” he offered her his arm.

“Why not.” She smiled back.

Chase took her arm and led her across the parking lot toward the main lobby of the Space Needle. They entered the lobby and walked toward an elevator. Chase hit the button with an up arrow on it. After about thirty seconds the doors opened and they stepped inside the glass elevator and pressed a button that would take them to the top floor. The glass elevator began rising rapidly. They could see the lights of Seattle as they rose higher into the sky. The full moon made the sky seem even lighter than normal. Chase put his arm around Tiffany’s waist and gazed out into the city and said,

“Since I got into my line of work, I look out on the city and I wonder what is happening that will keep me in work for the next few days. Ever since I got involved in this job I have a tendency to look at the bad, but tonight as I look out there, I see a bunch of buildings and lights.”

It took Tiffany a minute to catch the joke, but when she did she chuckled.

“Buildings and lights huh? I never would have thought of those things like that,” she said, a smile in her voice.

The elevator continued upward, they were now higher than nearly every building in the city. Chase held her a little closer and they rode the rest of the way in silence. The doors slid open on the top floor. Their ears were greeted by the sounds of soft music and happy people talking over expensive dinners and expensive drinks. After about a minute, a well dressed waiter came and asked for their reservations, Chase said his last name. The waiter looked at a list he was carrying,

“If  you will follow me, I’ll lead you to your table. You wanted a window seat correct?”

Chase nodded. The waiter led them through the crowded dining area to an empty booth right by the window. The waiter handed them each a menu and then went to see to other customers.

Chase and Tiffany sat together on the same seat. They glanced over the menu and tried to decide what to order. Tiffany finally decided on a shrimp plate with a side of salad and a strawberry Italian soda to drink. Chase ordered a plate of halibut fish and chips with a side of chicken fingers and an iced chocolate latte to drink. As they waited for their orders to come they sat together holding hands and looking at the city hundreds of feet below. They talked quietly as they waited for their food to come.

Tiffany looked into Chase’s eyes and said, “I never thought I would be able to trust another man again, I never wanted to have to relive the pain of what I had gone through. When I first saw you, all that changed, at first I thought I could never love again, but now I can see that I hold love in a much higher respect then before.”

Chase smiled a little, “I’m glad that you decided to love again too. I can never imagine how you feel because I have never been through the things that you have, but I can promise you this, I’ll always be here for you, if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here.”

“That makes two of us now,” Tiffany said.

Just as he said that, their food arrived. They talked quietly as they enjoyed their dinners. The restaurant they were in slowly rotated giving them a view of the whole city. From where they were sitting the pains of life seemed to have been lost in the city hundreds of feet below. They both finished their meals and Chase glanced at his watch,

“We still have an hour before the movie starts, so I guess we can sit here and talk for awhile longer.”

“That sounds great Chase.” She said smiling. “I hope you don’t think I’m being nosy, but I was wondering how you dealt with the loss of your parents? I mean, what happened to me was terrible, but I don’t know what I would do if I lost my parents.”

Chase looked out the window at the city for a moment, “I guess that is one reason why I got into police work, I would work myself so hard that I would forget the pain for awhile. Still, when I would lay in my bunk at night, I would cry quietly because nothing I could do would heal the pain. The only thing that has actually helped was time. Time and my recent encounter with the God of this universe are the only things that have helped me cope. I’m not saying I don’t miss them or I don’t still feel sad, but time has helped ease the pain. What about you, how did you deal with the pain?”

Now it was Tiffany’s turn to look thoughtful. She took a drink from her glass and said, “I can only now say that I have really recovered, I honestly never thought that I would ever be able to trust another man again. I would lay in bed at night and cry, I would have arguments with God as I laid in bed. I would ask Him why it had to happen to me, why would God let a happy, pretty, popular, not to mention Christian girl go through something like that. One night as I was laying in bed I realized something about me had changed, I realized that although what happened was terrible it was not God’s fault or my fault, that night I read a verse in my Bible that said all things work together for good. I still don’t know how, but something good  has or will come out of what happened to me. One thing good that happened was that it really drew my parents and I together. We didn’t used to be as close as we are now.”

Chase looked at her, he reached down and took her hand. For a few minutes they just sat there enjoying being close to each other. Chase finished his drink and glanced at his watch,

“We better go so we can see that movie.”

Chase called for the check and gave the waiter his credit card.

“I’ve got the tip.” Tiffany said as she laid a ten dollar bill on the table.

The waiter brought the credit card back, and Chase and Tiffany began making their way through the dining area toward the elevator. Chase hit the down button and soon the doors slid open. They stepped inside and in a matter of seconds, they were whizzing towards the ground. The lights of the city glowed reflecting off of the clouds in the sky. As the ground began getting closer, Tiffany leaned close to Chase and rested her head on his chest. Chase let his chin rest on her head. He was glad the elevator wasn’t crowded.  He and Tiffany enjoyed the view of the cityscape stretched out before them through the walls of the glass elevator. The doors slid open and they walked out into the lobby, arm in arm. They walked out of the lobby and into the parking lot. Chase unlocked the passenger side of his truck and let Tiffany in. He went around to his side and got in. Soon they were on their way to the theatre. The movie lasted nearly two hours, and by the time they were finished it was fairly late. Chase drove Tiffany home just before she got out she said,

“Dad invited you in earlier, would you like to come in and have something to drink and get to know my parents a little better?”

Chase thought about it for a second, “Sure, I’d like to meet your parents and see the inside of your house.”

So he got out and Tiffany led him up the sidewalk to the stairs that went up to the front porch. They walked across the porch to the door. She opened the heavy wooden door and led him inside. As soon as the door closed behind them he found himself standing on a polished hardwood floor. He could hear a TV going somewhere in the house. He looked up and a clear skylight revealed the night sky above. There was a balcony running above them, it had a walnut banister with complicated designs engraved in the dark wood.

“Ok Chase, you can stop drooling!” Tiffany said laughing, “I’ll take you into the family room and you can talk to my parents for awhile.”

“Wow, I’m going to have to come here more often,” Chase said.

“Oh, so now you are dating me for my house,” Tiffany said trying to put on her best hurt look.

She led him into a room with a big screen TV against one wall and surround sound speakers all around them. Jackie and Jason both stood when the two of them walked inside.

Jason smiled and said, “Chase! I’m glad you decided to come in and talk for awhile.”

Chase walked in and shook his hand. Jason motioned for him to sit in an easy chair. Chase sat down in the chair and Tiffany sat down on the couch her mom was sitting on. Jason started off the conversation.

“So did you have a good time with Tiffany?” he said smiling at Chase.

“I haven’t had that much fun in a long time, not to mention I love to eat at the Space Needle.”

Jason laughed, “That place serves up some of the best, not to mention the most expensive food in the whole city of Seattle.”

“Yeah, but what better place to treat a pretty girl on a first date?” Chase said as he looked over at Tiffany. He saw that she was blushing a little.

Just then Jackie stood up, “Would any of you like something to drink?”

“I’ll have some hot tea.” Jason said.

Chase thought for a moment, “I’ll just have a glass of milk.”

Tiffany declined to have anything.

Jackie left the room to get the drinks.

Chase stayed and talked with the family until well after midnight. He learned that the family had gained their wealth because Jason was one of the top men in Microsoft. He had started just as a worker on the lowest levels until he worked his way up to the one of the most powerful members of the company. He told Chase it had not been easy to get where he was, but he thanked God each day for his success. When the time finally came for Chase to leave, Tiffany walked him out to the front porch.

“Chase, thank you so much for the incredible evening, we need to do it again sometime soon.”

Chase nodded his agreement and said, “I’ll call you and see if we can make some arrangements.

“I had a great time. Thanks.”

Chase reached down and brushed a few stray hairs away from her face, “Goodnight Tiffany.”

Tiffany embraced him, and he held her for a few moments. The clouds in the sky had broken and the moon was shining above the city. A few stars could be seen twinkling through the glowing sky. She stepped back and looked into his grey blue eyes. In his eyes she saw nothing but the best of intentions.

“Good night Chase.” She said gently.

Chase got in his truck and started the engine. Tiffany was standing on the porch with her arms crossed against the cool air, she stood there and watched him as he pulled out of her driveway.  Chase drove back to the house and made it in good time because of the light traffic. When he finally pulled into the driveway, it was nearly one o’clock. He pulled out his key, opened the door, and went inside. He walked quietly through the dark house to his bedroom. When he got into bed he lay there in the silence for a few minutes, but it wasn’t long before his tired body drifted off to sleep.


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