Team Freedom: Operation Skyline (Chapter 4)

I wrote this in high school. I now find it humorous. I offer no further commentary and, like a good exegetical scholar, will let the text speak for itself. Enjoy.


The next day dawned clear and warm, actually, the guys didn’t wake up until nearly two that afternoon. John was the first one up. When he stood up, his neck felt like it would be stuck in the position he had slept in. He rubbed his hands on his neck trying to ease the throbbing pain. Still rubbing his neck, he opened a cupboard door, in it he found a box of honey nut chex. He opened up the dishwasher and found a clean bowl and spoon. Setting that stuff on the table, he got a carton of milk out of the fridge. Before he poured the cereal, he walked out onto the front steps of the house and picked up the morning paper. The Seattle Times. He took the damp plastic sack off of it and threw it away as he sat down at the table. He glanced at the clock, it was two. He chuckled to himself, he hadn’t eaten breakfast that late in ages. He poured the cereal and milk and opened the front page of the paper. He laid the paper out on the table and took a bite of his chex. That was when he saw the headline, it read, “Four police officers rescue nearly 50 hostages.” When John read that he was so surprised that he spewed out a mouthful of cereal and milk. He jumped up out his chair knocking it over, then he ran into the living where the others still slept soundly, the normally quiet John yelled,

“Hey Guys! We made the front page of the Times! Our faces are on the front page!”

The men who were sleeping began to stir, one by one, the three men got up slowly and walked over to where John was standing. Chase yawned as he looked at it,

“That is a terrible picture of me, it makes me look uglier than normal.”

The other guys chuckled even though they had just gotten up.

The three who had just gotten up, walked into the kitchen and made themselves some breakfast. As they sat around the table eating, John read them the article. By the time he had finished, all of them were in high spirits. They were feeling so good that they decided to celebrate by going to see a movie.

Chase spoke up, “Guys I hear there is a good movie playing over at the MidCity Theatre. There is some new action flick that just came out that is supposed to be really good.”

All of them agreed that it sounded like a good plan. While Chase jumped in one of the showers, Jake got in another one. John got on the computer and looked up the showtimes for the movie, they would go eat dinner and then go to the six o’clock show. When Chase and Jake got out of the shower, John got in one and Jose in the other. While they were showering, Chase and Jake got on some nicer clothes and sat in the living room watching the Seattle Mariners game. In about fifteen minutes, Jose and John appeared in the hall, they were cleaned up and ready to roll. Jake flipped off the TV and the group walked out to Chase’s truck. They piled in and Chase started the engine of the big Dodge pickup. He pulled out of the driveway and onto the road. He drove until he reached freeway, he pulled out into traffic and headed for the Outback Steakhouse. When they pulled into the parking lot, the place was packed as usual. They piled out of the truck and stood outside the door.

The sun was beginning to set behind the distant mountains as they waited. Shadows from the tall buildings of the Seattle skyline were beginning to fall across the city. Finally after about ten minutes, a waiter came and told them that their table was ready. In the mood for something different, Chase ordered a burger and fries. Jose got a grilled chicken sandwhich. Jake, who seemed to never get tired of steaks, ordered a 16 ounce t\bone. John got a BLT.

As they sat around the table eating their dinner, they talked about life. One topic that always seemed to come around was when they would each meet that special someone.

That was when Jake had a thought, “Hey guys, I just remembered that there is a singles group at the church, its a laid back environment where singles can get to know each other better. That would probably be a great place to meet a girl. In fact, tomorrow, they are having a barbecue on the Puget Sound. I think I’m going, I’m sure they would be glad to have a few more guys there.”

The guys chuckled, Jose spoke up,

“You know the Spanish were hopeless romantics, and I just happen to be of Spanish decent, so ladies watch out, Jose Perez is on the move!”

Now the guys were laughing so hard they were crying,  Jose was romantic in his own way, but not in the way his ancestors were. John glanced at his watch

“Guys, we better get going if we are going to catch that movie, you know how traffic is this time of the evening.”

They stood up, and John said dinner was on him. He walked over to the counter paid for the meals, then he walked out into the parking lot to and hopped into the truck with the rest of the men.

Chase pulled out of the parking and onto the freeway. He arrived at the theatre parking lot about five minutes before the show. They got out of the pickup and walked quickly to the ticket booth. Chase bought all four tickets and they walked into building, they found the fourth screen, and went inside. The place was packed out, and they had to sit in back on the left hand side. They had barely sat down when the lights dimmed and the previews started to roll. After five minutes of previews, the movie started. From beginning to end, they watched as a scenario unfolded that could happen in the not to distant future. By the time it was over, it was obvious that the whole crowd had been just as impressed as they had been. All the way out to the parking lot, they kept over hearing comments about the movie. They had to agree, it had been one of the best movies any of them had seen in a long time. They walked through the parking lot to Chase’s truck, they got in and took off. When they got back home it was nearly nine and all of them were tired. Once they had all changed, they gathered in the living room. Jake got out his Bible, he had been elected the one to lead the Bible studies at night since he had been a Christian the longest. The three other grew quiet as Jake opened his Bible to Psalm 23 and began to talk,

“I decided to study a certain part of Psalms 23, the part that says, Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me. Because of the jobs we have chosen, we are almost constantly living under the shadow of death. When we were rescuing the hostages in the hotel, any one of the many bullets fired that night, could have ended one of our lives. I don’t know about you guys, but I was pretty scared as the shooting was going on. We are still alive because we are better trained than any of them were, and because God has a plan for our lives. Back on the subject, when we were in the shootout, I was scared for my physical body, not for my soul. I knew that if one of those bullets found its mark, I would be in Heaven the next instant. So even though my physical body may fear death, and what evil people can do to it, I have no fear about my soul. The devil can do nothing to my soul, he can kill my physical body, but he cannot touch my soul. So I know that I have no reason to fear anything. I’m not saying that I won’t ever be afraid, I’m just saying that no matter what happens, my soul is safe, I have no reason to fear evil. My soul will always be in the best hands. The same thing goes for all you guys too. Because you are now Christians, your soul is safe, no matter what happens, I know that we will all see each other someday in Heaven. Well that’s all for tonight guys, I think it is about time for bed.”

“That was great Jake.” Chase said, “You would make a great preacher.”

“Thanks Chase,” Jake replied, “But I think I’ll stick with getting bad guys for awhile, but right now I’m ready to hit the sack, so g’night all.”

“Goodnight Jake.” They all said in unison.

Then they all headed to their rooms and went to bed.


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