Team Freedom: Operation Skyline (Chapter 2)

I wrote this in high school. I now find it humorous. I offer no further commentary and, like a good exegetical scholar, will let the text speak for itself. Enjoy.


In everything that they did, they trained together. They learned each others strengths and each others weaknesses. Knowing everything about each member of the team allowed them to predict each others actions, thus allowing them to accomplish their work with a deadly swiftness. Chase was chosen to lead the group. Why? He didn’t know. For some reason they all respected him and looked up to him.

“Jake!” Chase said in a hoarse whisper, ” I think the hostages are in the other room!”

Jake nodded his head to show that he had heard. Chase crept up to the door and put a heart\_beat sensor against the wall. The machine registered the electric current of a heart beat. Chase motioned to Jake to try the door. Jake reached for the knob and turned it, nothing happened. Jake stepped away from the door, Chase had his pistol ready. Chase nodded to Jake. Jake’s foot flew into the door, sending it flying inward! Chase was in the room in a flash. A target was up in the corner of the room of a man with a gun on him. Chase squeezed off a shot at the target, sending it flying into the wall. While Chase was doing that, Jake had entered the room and got the other target on Chase’s blind side. The small speaker in Chase’s ear came to life, it was Jose. “Chase! We got trouble, we were disarming the bomb when targets sprung up all around us. They got us penned down. If we move we’ll get tagged.” Chase looked over at Jake who nodded his approval.

“Jose, just stay where you are, we’ll be there as soon as we can.”

Jake and Chase made their way silently through the abandoned building that was set up to look like an apartment complex. They were on the second floor and needed to reach the lobby on the main floor. They walked down the hall until they came to a balcony overlooking the lobby. They ducked behind it and Jake poked his head over the railing to have a look around. There were four targets covering Jose and John. One target was barricaded behind a bookshelf, another was barely visible behind a couch. The third and fourth targets were behind a table that had been flipped on its side. The targets were motion sensitive. If an object passed in front of the motion detector, that object had one second to run or fire. Otherwise an alarm would sound and the person would be considered dead. Chase and Jake did not want to get beat by a computer. Chase whispered in his radio,

“Jake, toss a flash bang down there. As soon as it explodes, I’ll jump behind the target by the bookshelf. I’ll take him out and I’ll be in position to get the others. You keep me covered from up here.”

Chase looked down behind the front desk in the lobby where Jose and John were pinned down. A closed fist could be seen over the top of the counter. The sign to go ahead with the plan. Chase pulled a flash bang out of his belt, he nodded to Jake. Jake moved into position above the bookshelf. Chase pulled the pin on the flash bang and dropped it down into the lobby. He and Jake turned their eyes away from the extremely bright explosion that followed. As soon as the device went off, Chase leaped over the rail and dropped eight feet to ground level. Pulling out his gun he hit the target behind the bookshelf and then dove for the cover of the bookshelf himself. Jake aimed atop the balcony and made quick work of the other three targets. He double checked to make sure he had all the targets taken care of, then he yelled all clear. Jake jumped down off the balcony and Jose and John came out from behind the desk.

“Man, you just had to get rid of them so quickly. Me and John was back there having us a little snack. We ate them nasty granola bars they give to us to munch on. It took me ten minutes of sucking on it before it got soft enough to chew.”

They all laughed. Suddenly, Jose went into action, he had whipped his pistol out! Then he flew into Chase knocking him flat on the floor. Jose rolled to one side and fired, a loud ping was heard as his bullet hit the metal target and knocked it to the ground. Chase got up off the floor,

“Just when you think it’s over, the instructors throw in an unexpected surprise. Nice job Jose.”

John stretched his tall body, “Boy ‘m I glad this one is over. Sitting back behind that desk was cramped. I couldn’t even get to my pocket to eat my granola bar.”

They all smiled as a man walked into the room, “You guys are getting better each time I see you,” the instructor said, “a few more weeks of training and you’ll be ready to go out on assignment. Most people can’t handle the first few training sessions with live ammo, but you guys proved that you really did pay attention during all your training.”

They all looked at each other, more than a little surprised at what they had just heard. They knew they worked well together, but this was more than they had thought possible. Chase looked at the three people surrounding him, they were all little more than a band of adult teenagers, but there they were. He smiled at his friends and said,

“Come on guys, lets go to the Outback and see if they have anything better than rock hard granola bars. I’ll buy tonight.”

None of them needed to be told twice, they made there way to Chases’ big Dodge truck and piled in. He drove through the late afternoon Seattle traffic until he saw the large neon sign that advertised their favorite food joint. He pulled into the crowded parking lot and parked the truck. Just then Jose spoke up,

“Uh, guys, I hate to bear bad news, but we better change before we go into the restaurant.”

They were all wearing body armor, and still had their weapons on them. They decided that the best they could do was at least take the body armor off and throw their guns under the seat. When they got out of the truck they all had on black pants and a white t\_shirt. They walked up to the door of the Outback Steakhouse and went inside. They waited for ten minutes, and a waitress came and told them that their table was ready. They took a booth by a large window where they could see the freeway. When the waitress came back, they all ordered their favorite meal. It ranged from a 16 ounce t\_bone for Jake to a six ounce sirloin for John. They all ordered a side dish of salad and a glass of iced tea. Once they had gotten their salads and teas, they sat back and talked about the day. The topic of religion came up. Jake was a Christian, the only one out of the group. The other three held nothing against him, in fact Chase wished he had the same peace in his life that Jake had.\par

“I know you all would rather sleep in on Sunday,” Jake said, “but I would love it if you all would come to church with me.”

The three guys around the table all looked at each other. They had all gone to church as kids, but had gotten away from it as they had grown up. One by one, each of them consented and said that they would go with Jake that coming Sunday. Their food arrived and they all dug into the various steaks around the table. As they ate and talked, a man slipped into the room and went up to the bar. Chase and Jake had their backs to the man, but Jose and John could see what was going on. While the two of them looked on, the man drew a small gun and pointed it at the man behind the counter. Although they could not hear the words exchanged, it was obvious the man wanted money. John whispered to Jake and Chase and told them what was happening. Chase and Jake both stood up slowly, they kept their backs turned to the man so he wouldn’t know he had been seen. They made their way to the exit and stepped outside. As soon as they were outside they sprinted around to the back of the building. They found the back door to the kitchen and went to work at opening it.

Something that the anti\_terrorist team was trained to do was to enter a building silently. They were taught how to open a locked door with little more than a special pocket knife. Jake went to work on the door and had it opened within ten seconds. They made their way through the kitchen, several times they saw workers hiding under countertops and behind boxes. They all looked frightened. Jake started clearing people out, while Chase made his way toward the front counter. He stood behind the swinging doors in the kitchen where he took stock of the situation. The man with the gun had moved behind the counter. The cashier with trembling fingers, was taking money out of the register and putting it in a sack. The robber had his back turned to Chase. Just then the robber raised his gun, it looked to Chase like he was getting ready to fire into the people sitting at the booths. He had to act fast, he looked around for something to use for a weapon. Lying on the floor with some poor person’s dinner scattered all around it was a cast iron skillet. He picked it up and made his move. He came tearing through the double swinging doors so quickly, that they slapped the walls on the side. The man with the gun spun around at the sound. The man was raising his gun to fire when Chase got to within reach of the guy. As the gun came up so did the skillet in Chase’s hand. The man’s gun leveled to take the shot, but as he was about to squeeze the trigger, the skillet slammed into the bottom of his hand! The gun flew out of the robbers hand and clattered to the floor. Chase dropped the skillet and dove at the man as he began to run away. The guy fell flat on the floor with Chase on top of him.

Chase stuck his knee into the guys back and wrenched the robbers arm back into a painful hold. Chase reached to his side, now he was thankful he hadn’t changed, he still had his handcuffs on him. He quickly handcuffed the man and jerked him to his feet. Jake, Jose, and John all came running once he had the guy cuffed. He wasn’t wearing a mask or anything. He was nothing more than a desperate man in need of money. Jose walked back through the kitchen into the office so he could use the phone to call the police. In ten minutes the police arrived and took the man into custody. Chase and his friends returned to their table and started eating their now cold steaks. They all ended up getting their whole meal free and a small gift certificate that gave them one free meal a month for the rest of the year.  They were just thankful they were able to help out.

When they finally finished eating, they walked back out to Chase’s truck and piled in. The Seattle evening was cool, and a few stars could be seen over skyline of the city, they all stopped for a few minutes and just enjoyed the rare silence of the late night. Chase pulled out onto the freeway, traffic was light as they made their way back to the house that had been supplied to them while they trained. When they reached the house and got inside, they all realized how tired the were. They went into the living room and flopped into the two chairs and the couch that made up the furniture. For an hour they sat together and talked about what the future held for them. They all knew that some force greater than them had brought them all together. One of their instructors had told them the day before,

“I have only trained three other groups that share the chemistry you all do. Now those three groups are the best anti\_terrorist teams in the nation. If you all keep going the way you have been, you are going to save allot of lives.”

That night after Jose and John had turned in, Jake and Chase stayed up and talked. Chase wanted to know more about religion. Jake told him, and told him everything he knew. Chase listened, and realized that this was what had been missing in his life, he knew he had to have it. They both agreed that when Sunday came, he would make his commitment. Jake breathed a prayer when Chase left the room. He still had to convince John and Jose that Christianity was something that they needed too. Something told him that they would be harder to convince. He was up late praying for the salvation of his two friends, and thanking God for Chase’s finally agreeing that he needed God in his life. Jake went to bed that night with a peace in his soul that he had not felt since his own salvation, he wanted his friends to have that same peace too. \par




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