Team Freedom: Operation Skyline (Chapter 1)

I wrote this in high school. I now find it humorous. I offer no further commentary and, like a good exegetical scholar, will let the text speak for itself. Enjoy.



Chase McKnight stood before the fulfillment of his dreams. The Police Academy. For all his life he had wanted to be a police officer. The chance had finally presented itself. Chase was twenty-three and fresh out of college. In college he had studied criminal justice. He wanted to take it a step further. He began to make calls and after talking to a lot of different people and filling out a bunch of paper work he finally got a chance to make his dream reality. After going through all the standard procedures he took some tests to find about his knowledge, iq, and common sense. He passed them all with flying colors. After that, he was admitted to the police academy where he would begin his training.

Chase stood 5’8, he had dark blonde hair, and grey-blue eyes. Those eyes he saw reflected back at him as he stared at the spotless glass doors that lead into the lobby of the admissions building.He reached for the door and went in. He approached a desk and got registered. He was then given directions to his room. He walked down several halls before he found his room. Every hall was crowded with future police officers. When he found his room he went in and shut the door. He sat down on the bed and leaned against the wall. He hoped that all the training would take his mind off the pain in his heart. His parents died in a plane wreck a few months earlier. Because he was an only child, the loss of his parents left him completely alone. His parents death had played a key part in getting him to come to the Academy.

A whistle echoed through the hall.

“Dinner!” A gruff voice shouted.

Chase got up off the bed walked to the door. He saw people jogging down the hall. He fell in behind them.

Chase immerssed himself in the training. In the physical training he gave it everything he had. He would come to his room at night and collapse into bed utterly exhausted, only to be awoken by a harsh whistle or loud voice early the next morning. In the class room Chase listened attentively to all the intructors had to say. The classes ranged from hostage negotiation, to classes studying how criminals historically reacted in various situations. On the shooting range Chase did especially well. He had a steady hand and dead eye. He came to feel like the Glock 9mm he used was just an extension of himself. 

One day  as Chase was in the gym at the Academy during the workout period, one of the instructors came up to him. 

“Chase I need to see you for a minute,” the man said. 

Chase stepped away from the bag he had been punching and grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat from his eyes.

“Sure, what can I do for you?” Chase asked.

“Chase every class that graduates from the Academy has a group of people who standout above the crowd. You are one of those.”

 “Thank you sir,” Chase said, wondering where the conversation was headed.

“I’ll tell you what that means. You and seven other people have done extremely well in both the classroom and hands on training. The scores that you and the seven others made qualify you to go on to advanced training in a field of your choice.”

“What are some of the fields?”

“The one that we are really advertising is the anti-terrorism team. They are trained to deal with terrorists when needed. They are also used as an elite S.W.A.T. team or anti-drug team. Basically just whatever your standard police officer isn’t trained to handle is what the anti-terrorist team takes care of.”

“Wow, that sounds like something I might be interested in.”

“We are trying to get a team together out of the other seven. Then we will send you on to advanced training. You think you’d want to do it?”

Chase thought for a moment, “Yeah, I’d like to do it.”

“Good, then I just have to try and convince three others. I’ll be talking to you later,” the mansaid as he turned and walked to talk to some others guys.

Chase went back to kicking and punching the bag. He wondered what he was getting himself into as he sent a powerful round kick into the bag.

 The instructors in the anti\_terrorism course were much more gruff and strict then the ones at the police academy. They were training the best of the best to do perhaps the hardest job a person could do. The anti\_terrorism team was like the Navy SEALS of the police. The men were trained not just in disarming bombs, but also in hunting down and eliminating potential threats before they became extremely dangerous. They were trained in a variety of fields. They learned advanced hand to hand combat, they learned how to operate stealthily wearing full body armor. They were taught to use high tech devices such as heartbeat sensors, and infra\_red microphones. They were trained in the use of  a wide variety of firearms and other devices used for self defense, they were trained to handle the extreme stress of dealing with terrorists and their weapons. The four that chose to go into this line of work were made a team. One of the things that they learned was to never go anywhere by themselves unless they absolutely had to. Along with Chase there were three other men he was working with. Jose Perez was a small Mexican. He was almost as fast with his hands as he was with his mouth. His training focused on disarming bombs. The instructors knew that his quick hands could save the lives of many people. Jake Smith was as big as his name sounds. He had lived in the backwoods of Oklahoma before deciding to pursue a career in police work. As a boy he had hauled posts to help support his family. Now as a man he was as big in stature as his name suggested. Standing six foot two, and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds, it was obvious one of his specialties would be doing the physical apprehension of suspects. The next guy John Langley, was tall. He was tall and skinny. At six foot three, he weighed only one hundred and seventy pounds. The man was the brain of the group. His grade had been the top of his class. Another thing worth giving him credit for was his endurance, due to his long legs and light weight, he could run almost forever, not very quickly mind you, but he could catch any one if they had to run for any distance. Then of course there was Chase. He was the shortest of the group, standing only at five eight. He weighed about one hundred sixty pounds. He specialized in explosives, firearms, and all sorts of high tech gadgets. Due to the fact that he was small, he was taught several different courses in hand to hand combat. The men differed in almost every way, but somehow they managed to become a tight knit group. Each one knowing that eventually he may have to depend on one of the others with his very life. The team was dubbed with the name of Freedom.


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