My President Trump Post

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York City


Here are my fears about a Trump presidency. I hope his administration proves me wrong.

  1. I fear for the witness of the evangelical movement in America. I hope we didn’t just make a Faustian deal in an effort to maintain political and cultural influence that will threaten our ability to share the Gospel especially with those who have black and brown skin and those of the Muslim faith. Have we now effectively lost our prophetic voice?
  2. I fear that “evangelical” in the minds of many is now more synonymous with”Trump supporter” than it is with “follower of Christ.”
  3. I fear that efforts at racial reconciliation have been set back and that the racial divide in our country will only grow. I’ve got skin in this game folks. My sister is married to a black man and I fear that racists will feel empowered by the election of a man supported by David Duke and the KKK. Remember this is an organization that lynched and murdered African Americans in the not so distant past. Would it kill us to try and identify with the oppressed and downtrodden? Come to think of it, it might. Come to think of it, that’s what Jesus did.
  4. I fear that the first President my two oldest boys will remember is President Trump. I want my boys to grow up knowing that women are always to be treated with respect. That women are smart, capable, and strong. That women are more than just a body for them to ogle and use. But we just put a man in office who has said blatantly sexist and degrading things about women over and over and over and over again. We put a man who joked about sexual assault and has been accused of sexual assault in office and now myself and millions of other fathers have a harder job explaining to their sons why that sort of behavior is not acceptable and doesn’t pay off. For Trump, it clearly paid off. Interestingly enough, many of the folks who complain about the lyrical content of mainstream rap music put a man in office who embodies the lyrics of that music when it comes to degrading attitudes, actions, and words about women.
  5. I fear that many Christians love religious liberty for themselves and will put a man in office who will supposedly fight for Christian religious liberty but doesn’t so much care about the religious liberty of other faiths. Today Muslims and minorities in America are living in fear because of the statements of Donald Trump and how they have empowered the words and deeds of his supporters. Weaken the religious liberty for one group and you weaken the religious liberty for all. Plus, what does this do for the Christian witness with Muslims in America? With Mexicans? With African Americans? With the LGBT community? Does the Gospel need politicians to prop it up or can our Good News stand on its own without suppressing the religious liberty of others?
  6. I fear that the pendulum swing in the next couple election cycles will be even more extreme than it usually is. That the response to the election of Trump will be a hard left turn in the House and Senate. Not only that, but the political divide will become even deeper. That there will essentially be no ability for right and left to work together. That “moderate” will no longer be a thing and the pendulum will only be either extreme right or extreme left.
  7. I fear that the efforts of evangelicals to plant churches in places like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, New York, and Washington D.C. will be hampered because of the image of Trump now being tied to evangelicalism.

But with all those fears I am still hopeful. I’m hopeful because I know the church will remain. I’m hopeful because there will be those in the church inspired by this turn of events to reach out to others in love and compassion and to double down on Kingdom work. I’m hopeful because I know God is sovereign. I’m hopeful because the Gospel is powerful and it WILL change lives and that can include the life of Donald Trump.

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