Adventures in The Chaplaincy: Staff Ride, Boat Ride, and Strong Bonds

The past couple weeks have been packed. On top of being crazy busy with the day in day out of life at Camp Aachen, I’ve also had two opportunities to take Soldiers out and one opportunity to take an MWR trip.

The first trip was a Staff Ride to Hammelburg. A staff ride is a military tradition where leaders in an organization study a battle, travel to the battlefield, and then learn firsthand about the battle by experiencing the battlefield in person. We learned about Task Force Baum (Google it) and got to tour the area in and around Hammelburg where the ill-fated TFB Raid took place. We were privileged to have the SgtMj in charge of the German Infantry School just outside of Hammelburg serve as our subject matter expert. He was an informative and energetic presenter of history and what an amazing thing to be taught about a battle between Germans and Americans by a present-day German soldier.

The second trip was an MWR trip that was a cruise on the Rhine River. The Rhine has settlements dating back to the Roman times and many amazing castles and ruins along it. It was a long day but well worth the investment of time to get to relax on a boat and see so much lovely German countryside.

For the third trip, myself and a fellow Chaplain led a Single Soldier Strong Bonds event in the amazing city of Heidelberg. We held our event at the lovely Crowne Plaza hotel and following the training released everyone to explore the city in the afternoon. It had rained all morning but let up in the afternoon for the few hours we had to explore. Highlights included the incredible castle and cathedral and a wonderful lunch with crepes for dessert.

I’m not sure if I’ll have many more opportunities to get out and about but I’m grateful I’ve had so many opportunities to see and experience Germany. Now if Laura and I can just get that trip to Scotland and England planned…



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