The Yeti in My Yard

A couple of years ago I wrote a fun little story for my oldest son. As my middle son has gotten older I’ve wanted to revisit the idea and write him a fun little story too. So here’s the sequel to “The Kaiju in My Kitchen.”


I LOVE eating watermelon on a hot summer day. I like to sit outside on the porch with my parents and spit the seeds into the yard. Now there’s a yeti in my yard! There might be a bit more to the story than that. Let me see if I can explain…


One evening after dinner I was sitting with my parents on the back porch eating watermelon. My daddy told me to be careful because if I spit a watermelon seed in the yard on the night of a full moon it would sprout into a giant yeti. I looked up in the sky as a full moon started to rise and then looked up at my daddy who looked back with an eyebrow raised. I spit my watermelon seed into the yard.

That night, my daddy told me a story about a yeti named Boris who lived in a yard just like ours.

“Daddy, can I have a yeti named Boris too?”

My daddy just smiled and raised one eyebrow as he kissed me goodnight.

“Well…it is a full moon tonight.” He said as he closed the door.

I couldn’t sleep. I laid awake in my bed and thought about a yeti named Boris. I thought about how my brother had a pet kaiju in the kitchen and how badly I wanted a pet of my own. I drifted off to sleep thinking of playing frisbee with my new friend Boris.

In the morning I stumbled down the stairs and wiped the sleep from my eyes. My mommy was in the kitchen making breakfast. She had a bowl of oatmeal for me, a piece of toast for my brother, and a whole watermelon on a platter?

“Mommy, why do you have a whole watermelon on a platter?” I asked as I ate my oatmeal with brown sugar.

Then I saw our yard move. A giant, hairy creature stood up and stretched and his tummy grumbled so loudly that my bowl of oatmeal shook. THERE WAS A YETI IN MY YARD!

“Why, because that’s what Boris likes to eat for breakfast!”

I ran outside and Boris bounded up to me with a frisbee in his hands.

“Not yet Boris!” I said. “First we need to eat breakfast!”

After Boris ate his watermelon and I finished my oatmeal, we went outside and played frisbee all day. All my friends in the neighborhood came out and played frisbee too! When we were done we all climbed on Boris’s back and went back to my yard to eat more watermelon because the only thing a yeti likes more than frisbee is watermelon after frisbee.

That night as my mommy and daddy tucked me in I asked if I could keep my new pet Boris.

“Well, if you can learn to take good care of him just like big brother takes good care of his pet kaiju then I see no reason why we can’t have a yeti in our family too.”

Having a yeti named Boris living in my yard is a lot of work. But now I always have a friend who I can share a watermelon with and spit the seeds in my yard. Just not on nights when there’s a full moon. Our yard isn’t big enough for two yetis.



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