Adventures in The Chaplaincy: “Chaplain Stories Podcast”

About a month ago as I was driving around post I had a thought, “Sr. Chaplains are retiring and they have careers that started before 9-11.” My military career started in 2002 and it is amazing how much the Army has changed over the span of just my career. Well, imagine what some of the Chaplains have seen? Chaplains who were on the frontlines of ministry during the early years of the Global War on Terror. Chaplains who were there as the Army was trying to figure out how to fight a counterinsurgency war.  Chaplains who have stories to tell that will be lost to history unless someone captures them.

That’s where the idea for the Chaplain Stories podcast was born. It’s a podcast where I sit down with Chaplains and give them a medium to tell their stories. So I went and bought a simple and portable microphone that I can plug into my iPhone and set about creating the podcast.

You can find the podcast on Soundcloud or iTunes (search for Chaplain Stories) and I will also post updates here on my blog. If you like what you hear please subscribe and share!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in The Chaplaincy: “Chaplain Stories Podcast”

  1. Excited about this. I keep combing through podcasts and stuff online to find military chaplain stories. I’m currently pursuing the Army CHCP, and was excited to come across this. Keep it up, looking forward to see what else comes next.

  2. Glad you are doing this. I just passed accessions and will go befor the Federal Recognition Board next month so I am truly a newbie even though I am currently 42 as I write this and do not really know what to expect. Your blog is very helpful and I don’t know what to expect on the FedRec Board interview. Any thoughts?

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