Christmas 2015

Well, we’ve been back home a little over a week and a half after taking close to three weeks off. I’m a little late with this update but better late than never.

After Laura and I returned from our awesome 10th anniversary trip our first stop was in Oklahoma City. It made sense to do it this way since OKC is closer to Denver and Denver was the final stop on our road trip. The boys were already there having spent the last few days with Laura’s folks.

During our time in OKC we got to spend several day with the Corley side of the family. Laura’s sisters were in from Washington D.C. where Sarah and Mary work.

One evening while Laura stayed with the boys, I went and saw Star Wars for a second time with the rest of the family. We also were able to attend a lovely Christmas Eve service at Quail Springs Baptist Church. Ewan made it through the whole service. I had to duck out with Liam part way through but we watched the rest of the service from live feed in the lobby. We were also able to spend an evening with Laura’s Corley Grandparents, aunt and uncle, and a number of cousins.

After our time in OKC was up, we loaded up the van and headed to Southeast Oklahoma. We were hoping for good weather so that the boys could spend a lot of time outside in the big yard at my parent’s house but the weather didn’t cooperate and instead it rained on us almost the entire time we were there.

But even with the rain we still enjoyed our Christmas with the McCary side. All my siblings were able to be there including the newest little McCary (Jonathan Wayne) who I hadn’t had a chance to meet yet. He seemed quite fond of his Uncle Mad Dog. My Grandparents, who live one house over from my folks were there and we enjoyed a great Christmas dinner at their house. We were also able to attend church with my family where I was saw a number of my high school teachers and had a chance to visit with them.

After a few days, it was time to say goodbye and start the long trip back to Georgia. All told we drove over 5,000 miles during our December travels. Here’s hoping that maybe for the next Christmas we can have our families come to us!



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