10th Anniversary Road Trip: Las Vegas

After a lovely stay in New Mexico, Laura and I returned to I40 and continued our trek to the west. Originally, we had planned to stay a night in Arizona but after discovering a Grand Canyon tour out of Vegas we decided to extend our time in Vegas from two nights to four nights.

Extending our stay ended up being an awesome decision. Before getting to Vegas, we made a quick stop at an REI in Flagstaff. I bought some proper hiking shoes and some better gloves and Laura got a headband to protect her ears from the cold.

We got into Vegas well after dark which really is the only way to get into Vegas. We stayed at the Venetian and from the first moment we set foot on the property we were impressed. All of the staff were super friendly and helpful. Our room was simply amazing. Plus, I had no idea that many of the hotels were so self-contained. The Venetian had so many great restaurants and places for shopping that Laura and I never felt we missed out on the “Vegas experience” by not partaking in the activities on the casino floor. That just meant we had more money for great food. And for amazing guided Grand Canyon tours. And renting a Camaro SS convertible for a day. Oh, and THAT ROOM! So. Amazing.

Another interesting thing occurred during our Vegas stay. A Republication presidential debate was happening one evening. Not only that, but it took place in our hotel! We got to see some of the post-debate analysis that was being broadcast live outside the hotel. We also saw John Kasich as he was walking out of the hotel. Certainly not something we’d planned but it was fun to be on the fringes of such a major political event.

Staying the extra time in Vegas proved to be a good call. A full day was eaten up with our Grand Canyon tour. I’ve got quite a few pictures from that below. Plus, there is just so much to see and do in Vegas! We went and saw Terry Fator who is a hilarious ventriloquist and really enjoyed taking in a show. Honestly, we spent a lot of time just walking around with mouths slightly agape at all the spectacle.

By the end of our time in Vegas, Laura and I both agreed that we had spent the perfect amount of time in the city. Perhaps most telling is that we both would like to come back for some weekend visits in the future so that we can enjoy more great food, perhaps see some other shows, and stay in a beautiful room again.


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