10th Anniversary Road Trip: New Mexico

Ten years. An anniversary deserving of an epic road trip that runs almost from coast to coast. Our adventure started dark and early on December 13th. We left the boys with Grandparents in Oklahoma and took off on the first leg of our trip.

It was a full day of driving on I40 as we drove through Oklahoma, Texas, and finally into New Mexico. We hit some snowy weather as we headed west but our faithful Honda Odyssey, Brown Bess, handled the bad weather like a pro.

We made it through the mountains and into Albuquerque before dark so we got to enjoy the scenery as we came into town. Our stop was a bed and breakfast at a functional lavender farm called Los Poblanos. The bed and breakfast was amazing with a great room, unique location, and a stellar Southwest style breakfast.

On Monday morning after breakfast it was time to head out for another long day on the road as we pointed Brown Bess further west. We had Vegas on the mind. But just because we had a long road ahead of us didn’t mean we weren’t going to make a couple of stops.

We made about 90 minute detour to drive off of I40 to the Acoma Pueblo on the Acoma Indian Reservation. It gave us an opportunity to see a bit of New Mexico from a view other than that afforded by the interstate. We weren’t able to go up to the Sky City because it was closed but we did stop on a hillside to take in the views and snap a few pictures.

Later in the day we made a quick stop at the Continental Divide. It was cold, snowing, and windy so we took a quick photo and jumped back in the car to continue on our way. We made one more stop in Flagstaff, AZ at an REI so that I could get some hiking shoes and better gloves and Laura could get a headband to protect her ears. Those proved to be great purchases as you’ll discover in the forthcoming Las Vegas post.

Here’s some pictures from the New Mexico leg of our travels.



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