Practicing What I Preach- Rest

Awhile back I preached a sermon where I looked at three different passages in Mark where Jesus broke away from everyone in order to spent time alone with the Father. One of the practical points of application I gave to the Chapel Next congregation was for us to look to follow that example.

A few months ago I realized that in order for me to be able to recharge my spiritual and emotional batteries, I was going to need to get away from time to time. Hotels are expensive and can also have a lot of distractions so camping seemed like a good idea. To say I’m not much of a camper or outdoorsman would be an understatement. That said, I got a pretty big boost of confidence after my unit spent the better part of three months in the field during January, February, and March. Yes, I can live in a tent and sleep on the ground for many weeks if necessary.

So this week I finally took the plunge. I had my tent, sleeping mat, cooler with a few food items, and my JetBoil and BioLite stove. Not much is required for one night in a campground that has amenities like showers and toilets.

Well, my experiment ended up being exactly what I needed. When I got home I told Laura, “It was magical! I didn’t have to talk to anyone for an entire day!” Do I even need to mention I’m an introvert? I did a good bit of walking. I brought my camera and indulged in my under used photography hobby. I read a big chunk of the Stonewall Jackson biography I’m working through. I read, in one sitting, two books of the Bible (Hosea and James). I prayed for me, my ministry, my family, my friends, and that God would sharpen me as a husband and father.

I also went to Dairy Queen after I cooked my dinner on my BioLite stove. Because…well…I’m a man and I wanted a Blizzard.


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