Top Five Books I Read In 2014

Well, I didn’t quite hit my goal of twenty books this year. The amount of time I spent reading dropped quite a bit when I came on active duty but I still managed to read about 18 books. This year I’ll probably set a more realistic goal of fifteen books. I’ve got a stack on my shelf of some promising books and I’ll start digging into those once I finish the Orson Scott Card Pathfinder series. So with that, here’s my favorites of the books I read this year.

Surprised By Joy/The Four Loves


I wanted to read some more Lewis so I found this to read during my morning devotions. This is a great book. Surprised by Joy has some parts that drag a bit but Lewis offers great insight drawn from the story of his life. The Four Loves is a must read for any Christian. The detailed explorations of the four types of love are challenging and eye opening.



Destiny of The Republic


This compelling story about James A. Garfield and his tragically short lived presidency was a real page turner. It deals with the reluctance of American doctors to embrace the idea of germs and infection and how the poor medical care the president received was what ultimately killed him. A fascinating read that anyone would find interesting and enlightening.



The Last of The Doughboys


Did you know that ten years ago there were still surviving WWI veterans? This book tells their stories. Far more than just a book of war stories. Rubin gives these incredible people, all over 100 years old, the opportunity to tell their stories. What we get to see is a picture of resiliency and people who saw and adapted to an unbelievable level of change over the course of their lives. What makes a book like this powerful to me is it is a reminder of just how close the history of past generations is. My life overlapped with these WWI veterans. Their lives overlapped with Civil War veterans. Ponder that for a second and then buy this book.


All Our Yesterdays


Time travel stories are either good or bad. There’s not much in between. This was a good one. This is a YA novel that avoids a lot of the ridiculous drama and tells a compelling and well thought out story. It wrestles with the importance of the choices we make and ends up being a real page turner.



Red Rising


A YA book with no love triangle. I’ll say it again. NO LOVE TRIANGLE! This is much like AOY in that it is a more mature YA book. I really enjoyed the fact that the main character was married and how that relationship was the driving force in the drastic actions that he took. The latter part of the book has some echoes of Ender’s Game with its pitting of teams of teenagers against each other and the explorations of their different strategies.


Honorable Mentions

When I Don’t Desire God








The Stories We Tell



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