Top Ten Albums of 2014

Well, it’s the time of year where I share the albums that kept cropping up in my playlists again and again. A few interesting notes about this list. There are three EPs on it. I counted two of them as one album since they are two parts of a four part EP set Andrew Osenga is releasing. Also, Peter Furler makes two appearances on this list. One with his own band and one as the drummer for Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil. Lastly, this list does not contain any “worship” albums which is a big difference from last year.

So without further delay, the albums I enjoyed the most this past year.

Andrew Osenga- Heart EP and Soul EP

Great song writing and storytelling on these two albums. Few artists can tell a story in song like Andrew Osenga.



Jason Gray- Love Will Have The Final Word

A lot of these songs resonated with me because they touched on emotions I wrestled with upon leaving the pastorate last year. They also hit home with me as I consider the every day ministry I do as a Chaplain.


Peter Furler Band- Sun and Shield

An all around strong pop-rock album that is theologically sound and irresistibly catchy . Give the song about Lazarus a close listen. It would rank up there as being one of my favorite songs of the year.


Steve Taylor and The Perfect Foil- Goliath

I’m not one of those people with a history with Steve Taylor unless you count his co-writing efforts with the Newsboys in the 90s. I grabbed this album based on the high praise of reviewers and the presence of Peter Furler in the band. I was not disappointed. A throwback to early 90s rock sounds and lyrics that will have you alternating between laughing out loud and cringing.


Andrew Peterson- After All These Years

I’ve been listening to Peterson for several years but had not heard the highlights of his earlier albums. This is a truly great album. Nary a weak song is present and it contains some of the best and most honest songwriting you’ll ever find. A great artist and a great album.


Anberlin- Lowborn

Anberlin’s swan song is an amazing, driving rock and roll album. Lots of high energy tracks that really appealed to me when I was crafting my half-marathon playlist. Plus, if you take the time to actually dig into their lyrics you’ll find a lot of depth underneath the sonic roller coaster ride they take the listener on.


House of Heroes- Smoke EP

House of Heroes has another winner with this EP. They write some of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard. Vocally, their harmonies give their music a unique quality that makes them stand out from the crowd. Lyrically, they aren’t afraid to be funny and serious (sometimes in the same song) and they do both very well.


Colony House- When I Was Younger

A great debut album from the band that features two of Steven Curtis Chapman’s sons. A solid indie-rock album with lyrics that will make you think you are listening to far more mature songwriters than their ages would suggest.


Propaganda- Crimson Cord

Propaganda always brings the heat with his albums. I never leave a Propaganda album without feeling challenged and this one is no exception. He never shies away from tough topics but he never leaves you hanging in despair. He always bring the light and hope of the Gospel to bear on the issues he raps about.


What about you? Did you have any favorites from this past year?


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