The Kaiju in My Kitchen

This evening Laura and I were making s’mores and a chocolate chip dropped behind the oven. It inspired me to write this little story for my kids. This is unedited as of now and I may go back and try and smooth it out some later.



I dropped one chocolate chip between the oven and the cupboard. Now there’s a kaiju in my kitchen. Well, that’s not quite how it happened. First I was helping my mom make s’mores and even though we were VERY careful I still dropped one chocolate chip. I didn’t think much of that little chocolate chip as we microwaved our graham crackers, chocolate chips, and marshmallows.

That night my daddy tucked me in and told me a story about a knight and a kaiju.

“Daddy, I want a pet kaiju!”

My daddy just smiled and kissed me goodnight.

“Maybe if you wish for one…” he said as he turned out the light.

That night I dreamed of knights and kaiju and knights with pet kaiju and kids with kaiju on leashes.

“Good morning! I’ve got a surprise for you!” Called daddy.

I thought about surprises. Marshmallow cereal? A toy? A trip to the beach?

A kaiju eating chocolate chips at the table? Apparently kaiju love chocolate chips so much that they climb out of their lairs in dark ovens and cobwebby cupboards to eat them.

Now there’s a kaiju in my kitchen.

Daddy and mommy said I could keep him as long as I take care of him.

So I feed my kaiju his favorite foods: chocolate chips and grapefruit juice.

I make sure my kaiju gets plenty of exercise and take him for walks at the dog park. The dogs don’t seem to mind my kaiju but the ducks don’t like it when he swims with them.

I give my kaiju a bath at least once a week. It is hard to keep him in the tub but if we feed him chocolate chips he doesn’t seem to mind my scrubbing and rubbing.

At the end of each day I read my kaiju a story about a brave knight who tamed a ferocious dragon.

Then I tuck my kaiju in and tell him goodnight.

Having a pet kaiju is hard work but I know that with a kaiju in my kitchen my best friend will always be close as he sleeps in the dark oven and the cobwebby cupboards.


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