The 4th From a Fort

I love long weekends on Army posts. Things are typically pretty quiet. People usually are hanging out at home, working in the little backyards, or making a day trip to any number of great places in SE Georgia or northern Florida. I’m sitting here in a quiet house as Liam naps and Laura, Ewan, and Aunt Sarah have yet to return from their trip to Savannah for some shopping. As we sat out on our driveway last night to watch the fireworks display on post, I was struck by how much different our circumstances are this 4th July versus the last one. I don’t really have much else that I wanted to say beyond that little observation. I’m so incredibly thankful. There are folks who desire to get to do this job but for one reason or another they never get the opportunity. For some reason God opened the door for us. My prayer is that we take full advantage of the opportunity that we’ve been given and that my family is able to show the love of Jesus to many soldiers and their families.

We truly are blessed to be where we are.


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