Adventures in The Chaplaincy: “The Waiting Game”

A decade or so ago I felt called to pursue the Chaplaincy. That started a long series of events that included, OCS, graduating college, seminary, the Chaplain Candidate program, becoming a Chaplain in the Oklahoma Army National Guard, becoming a pastor in Kansas, transferring to the Kansas Guard, and finally applying for Active duty. I had actually shelved the idea of becoming a Chaplain when I became a pastor but when things started going downhill where I was pastoring I felt God free me to pursue Active Duty again.

The application process for Active Duty took months of paperwork and I finally completed the packet a few weeks ago and sent the final documents to my recruiter. The middle of next month is when the board which will decide whether or not I get picked up for Active Duty will meet at the Pentagon. So now we wait. If I do get picked up and assigned to a unit it will be something I have anxiously awaited for a long time. If it does not work out then my family will have to take a long hard look at where we are at and where we need to go next for ministry.

So for now we wait and we pray and we would certainly appreciate your prayers too.


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