Book Review- “Humble Orthodoxy” by Joshua Harris

When you see this book on a shelf you will be tempted to dismiss it because of its diminutive size. Don’t. Packed into every one of the pages is straight to the point wisdom about how Christians should conduct themselves without becoming the modern day equivalent of Pharisees: right in doctrine but unable to make an impact with the truth because of prideful attitudes and arrogant presentation.

This is a useful book for any Christian who cares about proper belief (which should be all Christians) but I can especially see it being useful for those in the blogging world. If you maintain a blog (or regularly comment on blogs) and write about issues related to Christianity, it can be easy to use that platform to pummel those with opposing views without giving any thought to humility or patience or charity. Harris provides a much needed corrective to the vitriol often seen on Christian blogs where brothers and sisters in Christ effectively destroy their witnesses in an effort to score points.

A final thought on the length of the book. Yes, this is a short book but I like it that way. Harris could have made this book much longer if he had desired to do so. By keeping it short it forces everything to stay very practical and to the point. You won’t find a lot of deep theological ruminations in this book. It is meant to be a timely and easy to digest book about a practical issue related to the Christian life.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my review. I was not required to write a positive review.


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