Adventures in Fatherhood- “Clever Velociraptor”

There’s a scene in Jurassic Park where some velociraptors kill something. Okay, that was vague and could apply to just about every scene in Jurassic Park. Let me be more specific: There’s a scene in Jurassic Park where the head game warden/dino wrangler/red shirt ends up being tricked by some velociraptors. -SPOILER ALERT- He gets eaten. And dies. The point is that velociraptors are portrayed as being incredibly intelligent.

Where am I going with this? Well, our little velociraptor is really beginning to pick things up. Things that we didn’t teach him. He keeps running up against the electric fence but he never goes to the same place twice. He’s testing it for weaknesses. Or something like that.

Sometimes as Liam is doing/saying something new we both just stop, look at each other, and say, “Is he supposed to be able to do that?” I keep half expecting to walk into his room to find that he has turned his crib into a volcano-top lair and has adopted a cat and named it Mr. Bigglesworth. I won’t really be worried until he asks us for “ONE MIIILLLLION DOLLARS!”

All this is going somewhere. I promise. It is going to the videos below. Liam has been picking up letters and numbers at an astonishingly fast rate. He loves to point out the letters on Laura’s OBU sweatshirt and just about every day he learns a new one. Laura just informed me that he picked out the “K” in “Oklahoma”for the first time today. It’s a pretty neat thing to see the wheels turning and the little velociraptor learning. At the same time, I’ve been practicing standing perfectly still just in case I need to use that skill in the future. If it works for a T-Rex it must work for a velociraptor, right? Muldoon?


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