Top Five Books I Read This Year

I read quite a few books this year. I usually have two books that I’m working through at any given time. Usually one is more professional and is to help me in ministry and another is for fun. Just a side note, the books on this list don’t have to be new releases. They just have to be books that I’ve read in the past twelve months.

In no particular order here are my top five books:

The Meaning of Marriage- Timothy Keller with Kathy Keller

 This is one of the best marriage books I have read. Highly recommended for all Christian couples.


The Blood of Heroes- James Donovan

 The Alamo has a lot of legend that surrounds it. This book does an excellent job of telling the real story (and back story) from both the Mexican and Texian sides and it is even more fascinating than the popular legendary accounts.


The Intolerance of Tolerance- D.A. Carson


An absolute must read for navigating a culture where tolerance is the highest virtue.


Christ and Culture Revisited- D.A. Carson


Another very helpful book for looking at the culture from a Christian perspective.


Illusion- Frank Peretti


Peretti takes a lot of time between his works. That really shows in this book. It is a pretty complex story that is well paced and has some of the most fleshed out characters I’ve seen in a novel in some time. This is also a love story at its core but it is a love story that feels real and has the struggles and hardship of real relationships. My wife, who reads a lot more fiction than I do, said this was an excellent book too.






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