Blogging For Books- “Jesus+Nothing=Everything” by Tullian Tchividjian

The title of this book grabbed me the first time I saw it. It’s a great turn of phrase and makes for a catchy book or sermon title. But does a catchy phrase equal a helpful book? In this case the answer is yes. Tchividjian shares that his inspiration for the book was a difficult time in his ministry during which he encountered the power of the Gospel and the sufficiency of Christ in a deeper way. From that low point in his personal life and ministry he began to see that with Jesus he already had everything he needed and that once Christians recognize the sufficiency of Christ in their lives it will provide the anchor that a person needs keep them grounded through life.

The Good-

  1. Tchividjian grounds everything in Scripture. He spends a lot of time exploring Colossians and I came away from the book wanting to really spend some time in Colossians. It’s always a good thing when a book makes you want to read the Bible more!
  2. It’s easy to read. This is not a book written for a theology class room. It’s accessible to anyone and the subject matter is of vital importance so Tchividjian should be commended for keeping the book at a level that is so easily accessible but that does not compromise the message.
  3. Tchividjian relates everything to real life. He does a great job of showing how powerfully the Gospel should impact our lives and challenges the reader to act.


The Not So Good-

  1. Portions of the book felt repetitive. Maybe this was just me, but I felt that he rehashed a lot of the same themes and ideas multiple times.
  2. This is not necessarily a negative, but to really appreciate this book you would do well to read Colossians just before you read the book. Tchividjian references Colossians so often that I think a reader will get much more of this book if read immediately following a read through of Colossians.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.


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