100,000 Hits!

Today is a big day in the life of my blog. It surpassed 100k hits. Now, I know for some people that is nothing impressive. However, I think it is a pretty exciting milestone when a personal blog from a guy who has no big connections and writes simply for the pleasure of writing and having a record of pertinent events.

A few reflections on my blogging experiences. I started blogging on Xanga (anyone remember Xanga?) back in college. I wrote a lot about politics and specifically the Iraq war which was a big point of contention among many in a protected university bubble. It also contains a record of some of the early events of my relationship with my girlfriend then fiance then wife. Those are probably the posts I value the most and also the ones that I find myself revisiting periodically. It is a lot of fun to think back on the early days of a relationship and seeing where it has all led as we approach eight total years of being together.

I switched to WordPress in 2007 and cross posted for awhile. I posted a lot of politics and theology in 2007 and 2008 as I had just started seminary and was actively supporting Mike Huckabee’s presidential run. After the Huckabee campaign, I pulled way back on politics and now only post about political issues occasionally and most often when I do post about them now they are tied into broader issues.

One of the busiest times for my blog was during Chaplain school (CHBOLC) where I kept on almost daily record of what went on complete with pictures. It was a lot of fun and I got many comments from family members that I met during the graduation events who said they followed my blog to keep up with what their family members were doing. Those three months of blogging were probably the most fun I’ve had writing about a particular topic.

The two most recent developments on the blog have been the “100 Moves to See Before You Die” series and the “Adventures in Fatherhood” series. Both are ongoing and have been a lot of fun to do for completely different reasons.

So, to all those who have happened upon my blog I say thanks for reading! To all my regular readers (who I know are mostly close friends and family), thanks for all the support over the years!



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