A Christmas For The Ages!

I’m a bit late on this post because of a bunch of craziness that happened over the last couple of weeks. I will write about said craziness in a later post. This post, however, is all about Christmas!

This was our first Christmas in a real, honest-to-goodness, house! We went from a one bedroom third story apartment to a three bedroom house with a living room big enough for more than one person and a rodent sized pet. With my obligations as a pastor we decided that this year the whole family would make the journey to rural Kansas for an early Christmas. We had Christmas a week early because plane tickets were much cheaper for my Dad to get back from the oil patch in North Dakota where he’s working.

We definitely had a full house for Christmas! We made good use of our new (giant) couch, chair-and-a-half sleeper, and the futon in the office. We actually had enough beds that none of the nine people had to sleep on the floor! The one downside is that we only have one bathroom and that proved to be an interesting bottleneck when it came time to get ready for church on Sunday morning. Thankfully the pastor got up before the morning rush and made it to church on time.

This was Liam’s first Christmas and he was showered with gifts from all sides. Everyone from both my family and my wife’s family got something for Liam. Liam’s stash of toys and outfits grew substantially after Christmas. He’s just big enough that he has really started engaging with objects. He (much to his parent’s dismay) likes to pull open drawers and cupboards and examine (a.k.a. eat) their contents and he has really started playing with some of his toys. Needless to say, the kiddo was in high demand all through the Christmas season.

In what will surely make Christmas 2011 a memorable one for my family, my sister bought some fake mustaches and distributed them to everyone. This resulted in some great pictures and general hilarity. We also had some fun with footie pajamas which my Mom had bought for everyone.

All told it was a great Christmas with the family. We had plans to also have my wife’s family come up here the week of Christmas, but those plans were changed when a family emergency came up. We’ll just have to try again next year. One thing is for sure, it was different and fun to have the family come to us for Christmas and be able to play the hosts.


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