God Provides…A Job!

Now that all the official notices have been given, I’ll make the announcement on the blog. For some time now, I had been talking with a church in KS about the possibility of becoming their pastor. I had numerous phone conversations with the search committee (including one in the car while Liam screamed in his car seat) and last month my family had the opportunity to drive to KS over a weekend to meet the members of the search committee. That same weekend, I also preached in a church in the local association so that the search committee members would have the opportunity to see and hear me preach live.

A short time after that, the search committee asked me to come and preach in view of a call. This last weekend, my family once again made the long drive to KS and I had the awesome opportunity to meet all the deacons and their wives. I also got a chance to visit with many of the church members during a pre-Sunday School fellowship. I preached my sermon that morning and immediately following the church voted and I accepted.

This was the culmination of a fourteen month process during which I sent out literally hundreds of resumes. There were days when I would get really down about how long everything was taking. As is usually the case, a resolution to the situation has also brought clarity. This process was yet another reminder of God’s absolute sovereignty and beautiful plan. While I sat around worrying and wondering, God was in complete control. He was opening and closing doors and through the process was teaching me what I always seem to forget; He will provide.

Very soon Laura, Liam and I will be moving into a new chapter in our lives. It will be with great sadness that we say goodbye to Fort Worth and our wonderful church and friends. It will be with great joy and anticipation that we look to see what God has in store for us and the people of First Baptist Church- Burden, KS!


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