Blogging for Books- “Love, Sex, and Happily Ever After: Preparing for a marriage that goes the distance”- Craig Groeschel

If I could sum up this book in one word it would be “priorities.” A book about relationships and marriage is typically packed full of stories, advice, and steps to take in order to improve your relationship with your spouse. Well, in that sense this book is a lot like any other book on marriage. The thing that really sets it apart is the time the Groeschel devotes to helping those who are not yet married prepare for a marriage that will last a lifetime and helping those who are married keep their priorities straight.

Groeschel does this by playing off of the popular notion of finding “the one.” He rightly argues that “the one” for a Christian should be Jesus and your spouse should be your two. It’s on that foundation that he builds the entire book. I found the “One-two” analogy to be a very simple and helpful way of showing how a Christian marriage should function and the foundation upon which it should be built. I also really appreciated how he made clear that a strong and growing relationship with Jesus can and should come before trying to find your two.

The advice contained within the book covers the expected gamut for a book on Christian marriage. There’s not really any new material here when compared to other Christian marriage books. Groeschel peppers his chapters with examples from his life and the lives of people he has encountered in his pastoral ministry. I found those examples to be particularly effective.

By way of a negative, I sometimes found his attempts at humor distracting. I know he is trying to keep things light and to keep the book moving at a brisk pace, but sometimes the humor completely distracted me from the points he was trying to make. Also, much of the humor is very much centered around current pop culture so this book will likely be much less readable (in terms of the humor) in ten years when those cultural phenomenons of faded.

Overall, it’s a solid and easily readable book that skews younger in its audience. I would highly recommend it if you are nearing marriage as the chapters on “One” and “two” are worth the price of admission by themselves.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.


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