Snow Cones and Jesus

A couple of times a year our Sunday School class will meet up on a Sunday evening at a local snow cone stand. It’s a good way to beat back a Texas summer and enjoy some good fellowship with folks. This morning in Sunday School we decided to push the time of our meeting forward because a bunch of people wanted to watch the NBA finals. So we ended up meeting at the snow cone stand at 6pm instead of 7pm. This meant that it was hotter but it also meant that a local poet would happen upon our meeting to share something he had just written.

It was probably around 6:30pm when the poet drove up. He wanted to read our group a poem entitled “Hell.” The poem essentially laid out his religious beliefs and his problems with religion in general. He didn’t know that he was reading his poem to a Sunday School group that consisted of three seminary graduates and our teacher who is a devoted student of the Scriptures as well. When he finished his poem several people engaged him in conversation. He stated that he was an agnostic and a couple of guys from our class asked him about his beliefs and why he believed them.

It was a really neat thing to be a part of. This poet had, like many, bad experiences with “religion.” He laid out the typical negative stereotypes of Christianity but I think what he saw this evening was a group of thoughtful and respectful people who genuinely cared about him and his beliefs and the eternal impact of his beliefs. I don’t know what the results of his meeting with the snow cone Christians will be. One thing is for sure, he found out that not all Christians are the arrogant, religious type and he also was given a lot to think about on his drive home from the snow cone stand with regards to Jesus and Christianity.

When Laura and I drove home from the get together we couldn’t help but smile a bit at seeing God working even in minute ways in the lives of people. Had we not moved the time forward we never would have met the poet. He never would have read his work to a Sunday School class full of people eager to converse with him about matters of faith. Who knows what will happen but it was a subtle yet powerful reminder that even amidst the minutia of life God is at work.


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