Remembering Mother’s Day 2010

With today being my wife’s first Mother’s Day I found myself thinking back to Mother’s Day of last year. It was a typical May Sunday in Texas. The weather was nice and Laura and I attended the early service at our church like we usually do. Like many churches on Mother’s Day, our church took some time out of the service to recognize the importance of moms.

I distinctly remember sitting there thinking about all the new moms in our Sunday School class and what a special day this must be for them. At the same time I was also very sad. If you haven’t experienced the challenges that go with wanting kids but being unable to have them, the emotions are hard to describe. I remember feeling especially protective of my wife that day. While other families would spend time after church celebrating Mother’s Day, it would just be Laura and I.

Mother’s Day was a poignant reminder of something we both deeply desired but so far had been beyond our grasp and frustratingly out of our control. With something like that hanging over your head, it is almost impossible not to feel some sense of sadness and defeat.

We tried to make the best of it. I declared to Laura that for us Mother’s Day would be dubbed Wife’s Day. Since motherhood had not yet graced our family we could certainly celebrate what a wonderful wife Laura had been (and continues to be!). It was just a small gesture. I can’t really say if it helped much, but at least it reminded me to be thankful for the huge blessing that my wife is to me and that even if having kids was never in our future, I already had the best prize of all.

Thankfully, Mother’s Day 2011 is much different then the day of a year ago. It was just a couple of months after that Sunday in 2010 that our prayers were answered and we found out that we were going to be parents. I know one thing for certain, that time of struggle, hardship, and endless frustration made the discovery of the pregnancy that much sweeter. It also has given both my wife and I a bit of an understanding into the challenges faced by couples dealing with similar issues. Even though it was a brutal time it has given us a set of tools to help minister to others that we would not have had otherwise.

So for Mother’s Day 2011 I honor my amazing wife and the mother to our ruggedly handsome son. She’s a wonderful blessing and an absolute joy to walk through the adventures of life with.

“For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him.” I Samuel 1:27 (ESV)


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