Blogging for Books- “Tithing: Test Me in This”- Douglas Leblanc

I have a big interest in books on finance and tithing in particular as they relate to living out the Christian faith. When I was in seminary, the emphasis of my M.Div was stewardship and I picked up this book hoping to strengthen my library of books on the topic. The description of the book is pretty vague, but I hoped I would be getting a book that dealt practically with tithing. Well, if that is what you are looking for you need to find another book. This book is essentially a number brief interviews that the author did. The interviews are with a range of people and some of them were quite interesting, but they provide very little practical or Biblical information about tithing.

It was especially frustrating because I was hoping to see more Scripture in the stories told. Had Leblanc tied his interview questions more closely to the relevant texts in the Bible, the book could have been much more interesting and useful for those looking for information about tithing. Even some of the stories seem to have very little to do with tithing and instead focus more on some peripheral issue that is specific to the person being interviewed.

The most useful part of the book is in the final pages where there are a series of study questions related to each chapter. These questions attempt to bring the book into the practical realm for the reader. Unfortunately, the book needed to delve into the practical (e.g. the text of Scripture) much sooner then the last pages. There are far better books on tithing out there.

Disclaimer- I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.


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