Blogging for Books- “Changed by Faith”- Luis Palau

Hardship. Difficulties. Sin. If you live long enough you will experience hard times in your life. The question is, when life is throwing its worst at you and you are broken, can you still have faith in God? Luis Palau explores this question in “Changed by Faith” be telling a number of stories both from his own family life and of people he has encountered throughout the years in his ministry.

Palau tells of people broken because of sin. He speaks of those staring down terminal diseases. He tells of rich and poor, young and old and how all of them experienced incredible change in their lives by putting their faith in Jesus. He does not present faith as a magic bullet that will suddenly cure a person of all their ills or insure a path to prosperity, but rather he presents faith as the key to living a fulfilled life with the ability to be at peace when hardship comes.

Palau does not just tell stories and speak from his experiences in this book. Each chapter is laced with references to relevant passages of Scripture that have been helpful to him and to the people he discusses in the book. This makes the book very practical for those seeking both encouragement from the stories of others during difficult times in life and also allows a person who is struggling to look up the referenced verses and find comfort in the pages of Scripture.

This book is a quick read and easy to recommend. Read it yourself and then keep it handy to pass along to other people since every one of us experiences hardship at some point in our lives.

Disclaimer- I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.


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