100 Movies to See Before You Die- “The Graduate”

So it’s a quiet evening at home and you are working your way through a list of 100 movies. You’re wife is there so you decide to watch a dromandy. In case you were wondering, that’s my word for drama-romantic-comedy. That’s where 1967s “The Graduate” and I met. The only thing I really knew about this film is that it is where the Simon and Garfunkel song, “Mrs. Robinson” has its origins. The film was directed by Mike Nochols and starred Anne Bancroft, Dustin Hoffman, and Katharine Ross. It was a critical and box office success and has made a number of “best of” lists over the years. So I know you all are waiting to see if it makes my “best of” list so let jump in to the review.


Should this film be considered a classic? Nope. I suppose I should elaborate. I know that Nichols was trying to make a point with Hoffman’s monotonous delivery and the sometimes distracting camera work. However, I just couldn’t get past Hoffman’s monotonous delivery and the distracting camera work. As I watched it, the film failed as a drama, a comedy, and a romance. I found the characters difficult, if not impossible, to identify with. I simply did not care about the characters (and often wanted to slap them) and that made the entire film a failure for me. If the intent of the movie was to despise everyone on the screen then it was a smashing success.  I’m sure some people find the movie funny. I can only take so much ridiculous delivery and heavy handed camera work before I start wishing I could watch something better like, I dunno, “Ernest Goes to Camp.”

Would I own this film? I think I’ve made that pretty obvious. I did not enjoy this film at all. It wasn’t the slow pace that bothered me. It was the way the characters inspired within me nothing more than a desire to barbecue the disc that was sending those dreadful bits of information to my TV screen. Alas, it was a Netflix disc so I had to send it back. Obviously enough people have found merit in this film, but I found it insufferable. I think I will kick it off of the list and replace it with an Ernest movie. Besides, anyone with any sense would recognize that Jim Varney is a far greater talent than anyone involved with the making of “The Graduate.” The video below is my favorite scene in the film and the one clever bit of social commentary that I enjoyed from it.


One thought on “100 Movies to See Before You Die- “The Graduate”

  1. So, fun story. I Googled velociraptor images and saw what looked like my signature “Caleb” on one of the images. I clicked it and came to your page. Weird how we sign our names very similarly.
    Anyway, best of luck!

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