Song of the Day- “Blue” by Manic Drive

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but we have a wonderful Christian rock station in North Texas. It’s not one of those national Christian radio stations that only plays top 40 stuff. They play rock. They play rock from Christian bands you’ve never heard of. They have an indie night where they play the stuff that local artists put out. They are listener supported which means tons of music with very few interruptions. If you live outside of North Texas you can check out there website and stream them from your computer.

That said, I heard the following song on the radio a few times and thanks to the Shazaam app on my phone I was able to figure out who it was. I know Manic Drive will not be for everyone but I love their mix of strong vocals, fast beats, and catchy songs that will stay in your head for weeks.

The following song is “Blue.” It features former D.C. Talk vocalist, Kevin Max singing background vocals and he adds a great touch to the song. Give it a listen and then go download their album off of Amazon.


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