It’s the Final Countdown!

I have been decidedly absent from my blog this month. I have a very good reason for said absence. I graduate from seminary early next month and I have been absolutely swamped with school, life, and various other time consuming activities. I do have a few blog posts rolling around in my head like a write up about my first smartphone which is the snazzy Samsung Focus featuring the awesome Windows Phone 7 OS. I also have another post about our third, yes, third trip to Washington this year that took place last weekend and is another reason I am so pressed for time as massive end of semester papers and projects are looming.

All that to say, I’m still here. Once the semester is over I should be back to a more regular posting schedule. I also plan to start working on my “100 Movies to See before You Die” series again. I still have a ton of movies on that list to watch and I should finally have a little free time to do sit down and watch them. Now I’m off to continue working on a rather lengthy “critical book review” of The Flight of Peter Fromm.


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