Of BBQ, Birthdays, and Blessings

I recently celebrated a birthday. The celebration has been a bit overshadowed by the over abundance of school work that is currently gracing my life. I’ve been having a difficult time balancing fifteen hours of graduate work, numerous drives to Oklahoma for different things (over eights hours round trip), and just finding time to do something to stay sane.

This evening my wife called me from work while I was in the middle of working on a sermon for this Sunday. She suggested that she could take me out to dinner for a late birthday dinner. We had already enjoyed a birthday dinner with Laura’s family, but the thought of a nice evening with my wife is hard to turn down.

It ended up being just what I needed. We went to Cousin’s BBQ which is only about 1/4 mile down the street from our complex. It was nice and quiet since it is a weeknight and gave us the opportunity to just chill for awhile. It was so nice to be able to put aside the school work for a bit, enjoy some good BBQ, and chat with my wife. Her invitation to go out on a date this evening ended up being a great blessing and provided the time away from school work that I have been needing for awhile.

Thanks for a great dinner, LG!


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