Song of The Day- “Build Us Back” – Newsboys

The Newsboys just released a new album today called “Born Again.” I’m not one who usually downloads albums, but iTunes had a preorder deal with a bunch of extra songs not sold anywhere else and I had some iTunes gift cards so I went ahead and jumped on the deal.

Newsboys Circa 1992

Now, I’ve been a Newsboys fan since the early 90s so I must confess to being sad and a big apprehensive when I hear Peter Furler (lead vocalist) was leaving the group after they released “In The Hands of God” last year. Thankfully, after giving the album a few good listens, it looks like the Newsboys will continue to evolve, adapt, live on, and introduce new generations of fans to their music. Michael Tait (formerly of DC Talk) has taken over lead vocalist duties and his strong vocals have taken the Newsboys into solid rock territory and away from their more pop sounding roots. Thankfully, you will still find some of the playful and clever lyrics that have so defined the Newsboys over the years as well as the some of the enjoyably anthemic tunes (Miracles, No Grave, I am Free, etc.) that have become some of my favorites from their last two albums.

Newsboys Today

My Song of The Day today is called “Build Us Back” and it is one of the slower songs on the album that slowly builds into a powerful ballad. The song is especially powerful in light of some of the struggles of the last year or so and is a great reminder that God is ultimately in control and He will use trials to grow us and to glorify Himself. Give the song a listen, give the album a download, and then go out and buy the CD too (which I’m going to do later this afternoon) because the sound quality of a CD is far superior.


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