100 Movies to See Before You Die- When Harry Met Sally

I decided that after watching “The Exorcist” it was time for some lighter fare. The second film I chose was “When Harry Met Sally.”

Should this film be considered a classic? I know what you are thinking, a romcom? How can any romcom be a classic? Well, in many ways this is the movie that started the modern romcom genre. Think about it: soon after this, in the early 90s, there was a literal romcom heyday with a number of movies starring Tom Hanks and all resembling “Sleepless in Seattle.” This is the movie that arguably launched those. That alone makes this movie worthy of inclusion on the list. The other thing that makes it worthy of inclusion is that this father of the romcoms is probably the best one out there. The story is heavily dialog driven with the outrageous and unbelievable antics of many more recent comedies kept to a minimum. The movie relies solely on the acting chops of Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan to carry it and many of the scenes are filmed on rather boring and ordinary sets so the movie truly does ride on their abilities. A romcom with real acting, witty dialog, and a simple but solid plot? Yup, classic.

Would I own this film? Yes. I’m certainly not a romcom person, but this film is full of heart and wit. Those are two things sorely lacking in most romcoms which are simply knockoffs trying to recreate the formula of this movie. This is a great movie to pick up for a date night or if you need a break after watching “The Exorcist.” In short, if you like romcoms you should get this movie.

Source- Wikipedia


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