The “100 Movies to See Before You Die” Series

I recently decided to give Netflix a go. If you were to come to our apartment you would see that I like movies. I was an early DVD adopter and thus have accumulated a great number of DVDs. A little over a year ago I purchased an HD-DVD attachment for my Xbox 360 in order to take advantage of the low prices on the defunct format. When I built my Home Theater PC I built it with an HD-DVD/Blu-Ray combo drive and have since also accumulated a number of Blu-Rays.

All that to say, the Netflix subscription piqued my interest in watching the films that are considered “classics.” The American Film Institute had a list of the 250 greatest American films, but I wanted to include international films (and 250 seemed like a really daunting number). So I stumbled upon a list from Yahoo that I thought would work nicely and seemed to have a good balance of American and international releases.

My plan is to watch each of the movies (in no particular order) and offer a short review on each one. I will let you know whether or not I believe it merits a viewing before you kick the bucket. I have no idea when I will finish this series, but I will make a category tag for it so that it will be easy to find all the reviews. So sit back, relax, pop some pop corn, and lets watch some movies!


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