A Little Video About the Last Six Years

Just a couple of months from now will mark the sixth anniversary of the day I first met my wife. This week I spent some time looking through the six years worth of pictures that I have on my computer that chronicle our time together. I decided to put together a video montage of those pictures (and a few video clips). The most difficult thing was finding pictures with both of us in them. I am usually the one behind the camera so I really had to work to sort through the 50,000+ pictures on my computer to find a bunch that included both of us. I did my best to arrange the pictures in the video chronologically. They range from the very first pictures that were taken of us together, when my wife took me to meet her family for the first time, to some pictures of Laura that are less than a month old.

Another funny thing I caught myself thinking about as I chose the pictures is how they chronicle the many different places we have lived since we have been together. While we were dating I lived in a dorm and Laura lived in a dorm and then in apartments. Our first apartment was married student housing at Oklahoma Baptist University. Our second apartment was in a Dallas ghetto and we lived there less than 24 hours before we moved again (we hadn’t signed a lease yet). Our third apartment was very nice and in a nice part of Dallas. Our fourth apartment was the decrepit seminary housing at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Thanks to that apartment flooding, we moved again this March and are now on our fifth and nicest apartment.

Anyway, that last paragraph was really just me rambling and reminiscing about how much of a joy it is to move (not!). My plan is to update this video periodically with new pictures and video clips as we continue to walk through life together. Enjoy!


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