Did You Know that Seeing a Baby Evokes an Emotional Response?

The state of Oklahoma has recently passed legislation that will hopefully reduce the number of abortions performed in the state. Here are some excerpts from an MSNBC article that takes a decidedly pro-death spin:

The law requires doctors to use a vaginal probe, which provides a clearer picture of the fetus than a regular ultrasound, and to describe the fetus in detail, including its dimensions, whether arms, legs and internal organs are visible and whether there is cardiac activity.

The law also requires doctors to turn a screen depicting the ultrasound images toward the woman so she can view them.

Collett, a native of Norman, Okla., said Monday that nothing in Oklahoma’s abortion statute is inconsistent with standard medical practice.

“It would be remarkable if a women would undergo a medical procedure and a doctor would not have an obligation to describe the procedure and the results of that procedure to the patient,” Collett said.

She said state lawmakers required abortion providers to describe the ultrasound’s images because of some doctors’ “unusual failure” to pass along the information to pregnant women.

The Center for Reproductive Rights challenged the law on behalf of Nova Health Systems, operator of Reproductive Services of Tulsa, and Dr. Larry Burns, who the group said provides abortions in Norman.

Officials at Reproductive Services have said the law had drawn emotional responses from patients, some leaving in tears from the room where ultrasound procedures are performed because of what they had to hear.

What gets me the most about this report, written by Tim Talley for the Associated Press on May 3, 2010, is the complete callousness of the last sentence is the article. Apparently some women, after hearing their baby described to them and seeing images of the child, have an emotional response! Imagine that! It is very sad that, not only do some people think it is wrong to make sure that a woman fully understand that she is killing a human being, but that having an emotional response to a potential murder is somehow wrong. Apparently these people believe abortion should be just like having your tonsils taken out: quick, common, and free of any messy emotions that might prevent the procedure from happening. Sick.


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