That Time of the Semester…

It’s getting close to the end of the semester. That means papers, projects, and tests. I’m very grateful to see this semester beginning to draw to a close even though my busiest weeks are yet to come.

The “big move” in the middle semester turned this into the most stressful semester I think I have ever had. That combined with some other life stuff has made me ready to say goodbye to the spring semester and embrace the relative calm of summer.

The end of this semester also means that my time in seminary is finally and thankfully starting to draw to a close. Next week I will enroll for summer and fall classes which should be the last time I have to enroll for classes in my seminary M.Div career. I don’t think the fall semester will be easy since I have to take a Hebrew class, but it will be a great blessing to see the end in sight.

It also means that I will soon start getting things ready for the military portion of my life which will kick into high gear after I finish school. Right now I plan on working hard to get everything taken care of on the military side in a timely manner so that I can look for a deployment soon after I finish seminary and access as a CH. I will probably try to find a National Guard unit to deploy with and after that deployment I should have little trouble getting on Active Duty. There are still a lot of unknowns on the military side, but I trust that God will open doors and put me where He needs me.

All that to say, my blogging has become less regular as I have been focused on school. Hopefully as I work through the process of acessioning to the Chaplaincy I will have blog posts sharing some of the grisly details for those of you curious about the process.


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