My New Camera- Canon EOS 7D

Just before leaving on our trip to Washington for my cousin’s wedding, I bought a new DSLR. My trusty old Sony A100 had done an admirable job of introducing me to the SLR world but I felt it was time to make a step up in camera.

I looked at the latest offerings from Sony, but other than the high end full frame cameras (A900 and A850) nothing they had really caught my eye. Sony had not released a real prosumer model since a A700 in 2007. That pretty much took Sony out of the running for me. They have a plethora of entry level SLRs but are decidedly lacking in mid level cameras.

I briefly looked at the Nikon offerings, but my bias was already towards Canon since my first digital camera was a Canon (A95) and it took some really great pictures. Plus, I really like the model lineup Canon has right now. I seriously looked at the EOS 50D as it had great reviews and a lot of great features that would make it a definite step up from my Sony. Still, I had been reading rave reviews about the EOS 7D and decided to give it a test run at a local camera store.

Once I held the 7D I knew it was the camera I needed. The camera feels built like a tank and holding an entry level  SLR now feels like the difference between my Honda Fit and an Abrams tank. The camera is absolutely loaded with features. One of the reasons I chose it over the 50D was that I wanted a camera I could grow into. The 7D is definitely that.

The best thing about the 7D is the level of confidence it gives you when you are shooting. My biggest complaint with my Sony was the poor low light performance. The 7D has incredible performance in low light! The camera allows you to focus on getting the shot because you don’t have to worry about how your camera is going to perform when you shoot with a 7D.

All that to say, it was a good purchase. It was definitely a lot of money, but it is something I will be able to use for a long time. Plus, I feel very comfortable using it with higher end lenses because I know the camera is good enough to take advantage of the better glass. Right now I am saving up money for an 85mm lens. All the reviews that I have read say that it is a stellar portrait lens and that is exactly what I am looking for. Now I just have to work on my Photoshop skills…


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