The Crazy Month of March

I typically try to post 4-5 times per month. This month has been crazy. I stated a couple of weeks ago that our apartment had exploded. I think now is the time to go into detail.

We got back from Washington on the 8th and were ready to start trying to get back into the swing of work and school on Tuesday, the 9th. We both got up and Laura headed to work and I headed to class. I have an 8am class on Tuesdays and then a break until 1pm. I decided to use the break to go and run some errands and grab a few groceries that we needed after being gone for a week. When I got back from running errands I walked into the apartment to the sound of running water. My first thought was, “I wonder why Laura left the shower on?” I started to walk towards the bathroom and as I got closer, the carpet got wetter and wetter. When I turned on the bathroom light there was about a half inch of water on the floor of the apartment. The physical plant guys had been working outside so I sprinted out of the apartment and down the steps to get them before the water spread to the room and things like my computer which sits on the floor.

The physical plant guy rushed up the stairs and pulled some panels out of the ceiling above the tub where the HVAC unit is. The unit had sprung a major leak. He got the leak shut off quickly and I was left to survey the damage. The seminary called servpro and they were out working on clean up within a couple of hours. They put nine huge and noisy fans in the apartment after pulling up a bunch of carpet padding in order to dry things out. They said the fans would be there for a few days. Thankfully, Laura and I have some wonderful friends who opened their home to us while we were homeless.

The seminary offered to help us move to another on campus apartment but we decided that we had had enough of student housing. On Wednesday I went and took a Hebrew test (which I was obviously very distracted for and had very little prep time) and afterwards started apartment hunting. I spent the whole day driving around the Hulen area of Fort Worth looking at apartments. I found a complex that I really liked and Laura came to check it out after work. I signed the lease the next day.

On Thursday, the day I signed the lease, I started moving some stuff over to the apartment and in the evening I had some friends come and help me out. We didn’t do much moving Friday because we left to go see my sister perform in the Miss RHS pageant that evening. The next Monday I rented a U-Haul truck and myself and one friend began the long and painful task of moving everything. Over the next 24 hours, the two of us loaded and unloaded everything. I never want to move with just two people again. By the time we had everything over to the new apartment on Tuesday I was exhausted and grateful it was spring break.

I had planned on using my spring break to get caught up on the school work I had missed on the trip to Washington. Well, that obviously didn’t happen. Laura and I spent the week setting up the apartment and trying to make it livable. We are mostly settled now and basically Laura just needs to fine tune the kitchen and we still have some stuff to put up on the walls.

It has definitely been a crazy month! I feel like school has been largely a wash this month as I have been so focused on making sure we have a place to live. Thankfully, God provided and we now have a very nice apartment in a very nice complex. The only downside is our rent is much more expensive. We decided that tightening the belt was worth it for living in a place where we don’t have to worry about pipes bursting or going for a week and a half without hot water.

Again, a big thank you to the friends who helped us move and provided us a place to stay. It is awesome to have friends who are willing to do those kinds of things. Once we get everything set up I’ll post again with some pictures of the new place.


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